GOVERNMENT: You can only throw snowballs to 1 person outside your bubble


The national government has rules announced for winter fun.


Enjoy snow and ice in moderation!

That means that you can throw snowballs, but with only one person from outside the own household.

In practice, this will be a game of 1 against 1.

Family members are allowed to 'just' inject each other.

De overheid maintains the position that the number of travel movements should be kept to a minimum:

'Even when enjoying a pack of snow or a nice layer of ice', the call remains to:

"Meet as few people as possible and limit your travel movements."

For the skaters:

'Skating is allowed, with one boyfriend or girlfriend, so in a group of two people. '

The fact that skating is allowed does not mean that tours can be held just like that !!!!

Events remain prohibited.

Skating on ice rinks is allowed, but with mandatory social distancing.

The rules apply to adults:

"Enjoy snow and ice, but not in size!"

'Children up to the age of 17 are allowed to skate or play in the snow together. They don't have to keep their distance. '




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