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The 1st Democratic People's Movement

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Press release

The 1st Democratic People's Movement

From 1 June this year, the Netherlands is already a lot richer.

But this party is the first to want a different polity. It is no coincidence that the new party is called The 1st Demokritische Volksbeweging.

This movement is based on the principles of The Alternative Constitution (US).

A few essential changes that the movement is striving for are real democracy with multiple built-in referendums, professional party independent toppers such as ministers and full transparency. As a result, party political appointments, career politicians, twisting positions, falling cabinets, months-long voter-cheating coalition talks, strangling faction discipline and backrooms are dealt with, among other things.

The voters are programmatically central. Via a system comparable to DigiD, representatives of the people can ask their supporters for voting advice several times by means of mini-referenda.

After the introduction of the AS system, parties will become subservient, instead of compulsively leading. The 1st Democratic People's Movement cannot be divided into social or liberal categories. The 1st Democritical People's Movement is democritical democratic. Social when necessary, liberal when possible.

The party is of course open to every voter, but focuses in particular on voters who cast a protest vote out of dissatisfaction, non-voters and doubting members of the time-honored parties who want to function within the current state system and are therefore prepared to squander many democratic norms and values.

The website gives more information.

For telephone explanation you can call: 06-53222319

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