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A Corona-denying family

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My message on CSTV about the report against a doctor on duty due to forgery, made the news on the famous Alphense information website

Thanks to the readers of CommonSenseTV, who ensured that this message not only arrived in Alphen, but spread throughout the Netherlands.

(Thanks also to all readers for the many condolences I received.)

Here you can read what Alphens has to say about it:


the doctor has expressed himself through his facebook page. He writes the following here:

Bospark Huisartsen - Practice van Rijn

February 22 at 19:54 PM  · 

Dear patients by a Corona-denying family, a smear campaign has been started against me on the internet and social media. Very bitter, but I look forward to litigation for defamation, slander and damage to my reputation as a doctor with confidence. Please share it with you so that you can get it directly from myself instead of through countless other channels.

So we have now been appointed as a 'corona-denying family'.

And that just goes to show how easily this person handles tagging, naming people, and diagnosing.

Apparently van Rijn does not realize at all what he is doing.

If it were really the case that my father was suffering from Covid-19, my mother's health would be in serious danger, the children and grandchildren would all have to be quarantined, as well as the undertaker, whom my mother loyal during the week that my father was laid out at home.

And then also all other families that this best man has visited. And everyone attended my father's funeral ceremony too. And so on.

Hell, before you know it you have a pandemic!

This man does not realize that he is part of a devastating system.

People are labeled as 'contaminated' or 'contagious' with a faulty rt-pcr test, and deaths are readily attributed to corona.

That it does not only happen in Alphen I have extensively demonstrated in my article “Worldwide Covid Fraud” (see footnote 1).

Subsequently, almost all policymakers worldwide do everything they can to help society as a whole to the sodomy based on that data. This terror has been going on for about a year now. Nothing has been achieved medically. Hospital capacity, which has been scaled down enormously in recent years due to cutbacks, has not been increased in the past 12 months. Active medicines must not be used. Hugo de Jonge said in May last year that this was not allowed. Only a vaccine works! (see footnote 2)

There is only breakdown, breakdown and more breakdown. (Fortunately, Mark can still laugh about it, because he continues to play nice dictator).


Experimental gene therapy is pushed down people's throats under the guise of a vaccine.

A vaccine that will not protect you against covid-19, will not ensure that you are not infectious to others, but will perhaps will make your symptoms a bit milder when you get covid-19.

It goes without saying that rj van rijn is also a staunch supporter of the spraying experiment.

Here is an overview of the reported side effects after administration of the Moderna, but especially the Pfizer vaccine in the US. This is tracked by Vaers:

Up to and including February 12, nearly 16.000 side effects reported. 929 deaths, 1869 regular hospital admissions, 3451 intensive care admissions, 2191 doctor visits, 190 life-threatening allergy reactions and 198 cases of paralysis.

No, this is not a summary of the consequences of corona, these are the reported consequences of the spray experiment in the United States. In terms of percentage it is not too bad, we could argue. But that also applies to corona and its consequences.

In any case, you can ask yourself: What does this sprayer protect me against and what risk should I run for it. And then we now only talk about the short-term risks.

Unlike ours, in the US it is not hard to deny that serious side effects and even deaths occur after the injection experiment. Here only 'house-garden-and-kitchen ailments' occur according to Hugo (see footnote 3).

However, there is no insight into the percentage of actual side effects and deaths that are actually reported to Vaers. So who knows, this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's take another look at our shining example: Israel.

There they have made the furthest progress with vaccination. And the results are astonishing, according to the mainstream media. I find the results astonishing indeed. Shocking even.

Let's take a look.

Israel started the spraying experiment on December 19. From that date, the number of covid-19 cases has increased dramatically.

But pay attention, it gets much crazier:

A distinction is made here between hospital admissions of people who were vaccinated early (from 19 December onwards) and people who were only vaccinated later. This graph must of course convince you that vaccination has a positive effect. The early vaccinated line shows a more favorable picture than the later vaccinated.

But just look what happened on December 18 and 19. The vaccination had not yet started at that time, but in the hospital admissions of those days there was already a huge difference in patients who would sooner or later be vaccinated. We simply call that ruse and deception. Fraud and corruption.

Shall we do another one? Okay:

Serious hospital admissions. They also knew on December 19 that there were many more people in the IC because they would be vaccinated later than the other patients in the IC.

Graphics can be used to lie and cheat to your heart's content. By sliding on the y-axis with the start value, you can come up with everything in the end value.

But there would only be a real comparison if there were also a graph of non-vaccinated people. Unfortunately it is missing. So completely nonsense. But this is the basis of the jubilee stories that we are presented with.

What is still there is a graph of the total IC admissions from the start of the planemia:

And on that, we can see that the number of IC admissions since the injection experiment started on December 19, 2020, is about the highest.

Update on Israel, March 3, 2021:

Since the start of the 'vaccinations' (read experimental gene therapy) the number of deaths is 3,5 times as high as in the previous months.

I wish this doctor from Alphen aan den Rijn a lot of wisdom.


My column: Worldwide Covid Fraud:


Here's how Hugo de Jonge already thought about medication and vaccines in May last year:

And hugo hasn't changed his mind:


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