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A small piece of the Anne Frank foundation. Your thoughts please.

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I have just posted a piece of the Anne Frank Foundation here in the hope that many will see the similarities. (or being able to refute is also allowed)

I could have added this piece to so many articles here on CommonSense, but was afraid it would lose its impact. There are now so many examples where just replacing one word with another frequently used word nowadays "Wappie" and as time goes on it seems as if we are no longer talking about history here, but about the present.

Radicalization of Hitler's Anti-Semitism

Against the background of revolution and violence, Hitler's anti-Semitism is becoming increasingly radical. It is striking that he says he is not in favor of uncontrolled 'emotional' pogroms (outbursts of anti-Jewish violence). Instead, he advocates an "anti-Semitism of the mind." This must take legal form and will eventually lead to the 'removal' of the Jews.

As early as August 1920 Hitler compares the Jews to germs. He declares that you cannot fight a disease without destroying the causative agent. According to him, the influence of the Jews will never disappear without removing the perpetrator, the Jew, from our midst. Radical ideas pave the way for the mass murder of Jews in the XNUMXs.

Now I ask myself, did most of the Jews here also have the confidence that "it would be all right"? Or were the wappies of that time the ones who packed up and left? After all, today there is more and more talk of "leaving to" which country is still free, although in some cases with a "comical" undertone, but still.
What are your thoughts on this?x


In any case, I have the feeling that we are only in the beginning phase here and if we do ¨want to seeeven though knowing what the final stage will be.

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