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A loving and concerned nurse

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This text below is from Leslie, a nurse. A cry for help to Rutte and the young. A cry for help for a little understanding and a little awareness of reality.

Will it help anything? New! These psychopaths don't give a damn and at all costs continue their task of rolling out their agenda.

Nevertheless, I do not want to withhold the text from you:


Dear outgoing Prime Minister, dear outgoing Minister of Care and Welfare,

My name is Leslie and I am 31 years old.

I have been working in the hospital for about 11 years. And the last 5 years working as an acute care nurse on a heart monitor.


Working in the hospital is my passion and my life. Being able to give care and love to patients who need it at that moment is in me. Being able to anticipate in an acute situation, acting during a resuscitation is something I was born for.

The appreciation and love you get back from your patients and/or the patient's family is incredibly valuable. Knowing that as a nurse I have been able to contribute something positive to the hospitalization of the patient is very nice.

During my work, I work hygienically and I adhere to the rules.

But will you take this from me later? And not only from me but you take it from the patients as well.


I weigh 62 kilos and am 1.72 and a BMI of 21.

I eat a healthy, varied diet, lots of vegetables and fruit and unprocessed meat. I have no underlying conditions such as diabetes or asthma.

I exercise a lot at work, but outside of work, to relax, I also exercise regularly.

In addition, I ensure a healthy mind through meditation and relaxation moments.

I optimize my immunity and health by drinking vegetables and bone broth. Eat food according to the 5 elements appropriate to traditional Chinese medicine. And I take extra vitamins.


Sure I also like a party, a dance and a drink, but who doesn't?


This sounds pretty healthy right? But I have not been vaccinated so according to you I am a danger to society. Dangerous!


I am absolutely not a corona denier, because I have also worked with corona patients for the past year and a half. And worked hard. But you know, I've been working really hard at the hospital for years.

I have been dealing with staff shortages and high work pressure for years. And no understanding from the cabinet.


I have not been vaccinated and I have my reasons for doing so that I do not have to share with you.

I had corona and went through this well. This means that I have made my own antibodies. And they seem to work 8x better than your injections.


Now I was informed this morning by colleagues and friends that you are thinking about applying the QR code, or the corona access pass, in healthcare institutions.

I am not vaccinated, which would soon mean that I would have to get tested every day.

No, I will not be vaccinated for the time being. And no, I'm not going to test myself every day before I go to work.


Why shouldn't I get tested every day? A little effort you would say and surely think. I don't have to prove to myself every day that I'm healthy. In addition, my vaccinated colleagues are just as contagious as I am. They just don't have to be tested. If I do have complaints, I will be tested to protect my patients.


I was taught in my upbringing that you should not lie and that you should always keep your promises.

Mr Rutte, your words, I quote: It makes no sense to test if you have no complaints.

Press conference February 5, 2021.

Mr. de Jonge, your words and I quote: Voluntary is voluntary and yet is not secretly obligatory, but via a different route. There is no obligation from the employer.

You probably don't have an active memory of this either. Pretty funny actually because it's all fixed on camera.


I work with a mouth cap and want to keep doing this. I wash and disinfect my hands and work hygienically. I take care of my own good health and a well-functioning immune system. I inform my patients about the importance of healthy nutrition, exercise and mental health. Where you completely miss the point, I'll hit it.

Where you say: More money should be set aside for Boas to control the QR society, I say: more money should be set aside for healthcare. Making healthcare attractive to young people and making healthcare cheaper. Because you can and you know it.


Where you allot 1,1 billion for a test society, I say: rather spend this on prevention. Making the Dutch healthier. Make fruit and vegetables cheaper, let people exercise and do sports for a small contribution. Spend money on prevention and the prevention of. Not ruling out.

And that 5,1 billion that is missing… Well let's not talk about that, right?


No dear ministers, I pose no danger to my patients, you do!!

When you apply this ridiculous rule in healthcare, you must realize that you are destroying healthcare even more. Because along with me, many nurses will resign.

Many nurses who carry out their profession with love and passion every day, nurses who want the best for their patients at all times. And also know what is best for their patients.


I know your decision is already made. And I can't change that with this letter. And yet I write it because I know that we nurses are beautiful, good and pure. And you cannot and will not change that. It is in us and no one can take it away from us.


Yours faithfully,

A loving and concerned nurse.

Watch and read carefully what will happen soon:

Spread the freedom!

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