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A mega mosque thanks to the VVD? FvD says NO!

Annabel Nanninga's quotes from the Forum for Democracy:

The mosque as a barracks, the minaret as a bayonet and the Muslim as a soldier.

And before GroenLinks starts calling: 'That is Islamophobia', this spicy imagery comes from Turkish potentate Erdogan himself.

In Amsterdam, Elzenhagen Zuid, a mega mosque will be erected from the umbrella organization Diyanet. And Diyanet is paid by the Turkish government. Diyanet is the Turkish presidency for religious affairs. Turkey provides the money and expertise for the construction.

Every Friday afternoon the sermons from Ankara will then pop into the mailbox there. Erdoganism in Amsterdam-Noord. Due to the long arm and interference from Ankara, pure coffee is not always served in foreign mosques that are under foreign control.

The hearings about this are crystal clear, you can read it, it happens. We had known this for years, but the proof has now been provided.

Yet we are going to build the Erdogan MEGA mosque thanks to the VVD.

The investment decision for the Elzenhagen neighborhood was taken in 2017. It was then announced that a mega mosque would be funded by Diyanet, or Erdogan.

VVD approved the investment decision in 2017 without grumbling.

Alderman Eric van der Burg (VVD) then argued that it was only about one 'spatial consideration'

Van der Burg then wanted to do NOTHING against the arrival of Erdogan's mega mosque. In fact, in a bizarre tirade he even compared Erdogan to the Pope.

Does the VVD understand that this was a mistake ?!

The VVD has recently spoken tough language about the problematic integration of Turks in the Netherlands. We therefore expect that the VVD will now vote against the zoning plan. The FVD is against indoctrination and against the interference of a man who rules his subjects and people in the Netherlands who are unpleasant with an iron fist.

The Left should also be against this mosque, because Erdogan is the extreme right and has nothing to do with the color green. "You shouldn't want his influence on this town." 'The VVD could have prevented the arrival of this mosque, but renounced it at the time.

The VVD simply cycles through a mega mosque if that helps the VVD in the plush.

Whose deed.

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