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One and a half minutes: Corona for dummies

In this video from over a year ago, hear a Canadian boy explain in a minute and a half exactly why we are in this crisis, what lies ahead and why this is happening.



It's so predictable.

And what awaits us now? 

A huge number of people will become "infected" and hospitalized by the Delta variant or another variant or virus.

There is no room for really sick people, such as cancer patients.

Crisis and chaos are thus created again.

On purpose. In a year and a half, nothing has been done about the pressure in healthcare. Nothing done for the elderly who have had their worst years ever after being locked up and loneliness behind bars and fences.

Beds have been removed instead of purchased. No new staff has been trained. The most obvious measures have not been taken.

Why not? It's not about our health. It's about the prick.

Chaos is what they need and chaos they will breed.

Especially among the “vaccinated” people, who in reality are taking part in a life-threatening eugenic experiment, health problems will arise and victims will fall. MANY victims.

Unvaccinated people are blamed.

Dutch celebrities, media and politicians will not hesitate to flood us daily with the nonsense that unvaccinated people are irresponsible people who do not think of other people and "infect" the vaccinated. A stupid thought but many people have already sunk so low that they will swallow it.

The further vaccine readiness falls, the further governments and the media will go and cross border to border to vaccinate everyone. The thumbscrews are tightened and rights are taken away.

They would prefer to make the vaccinated recognizable with something yellow. Sounds familiar?

How do we get out of here?

Stand firm! If half the country is not vaccinated and lives on happily ever after while the vaccines cause nothing but misery, the picture quickly becomes clear. Even then one will not give up, but one day it will stop. Can't get much crazier than now.

Accept that there is no new dangerous virus blowing around. There was and nothing is wrong. It was never about our health. There is no pandemic reflected in the figures. Not in the Netherlands, not worldwide. The pandemic starts with the vaccines.

Inform yourself, watch the video below again. Drag yourself away from that TV, throw the newspapers in the fireplace and look a little further. People are shouting it from the rooftops. They have a message for you. They want to protect you. They want to help you.

Act normal, stop following the measures, stop getting tested, stop getting vaccinated and raise a big middle finger to The Hague so that they don't lose the next load of poison syringes they have already bought on the paving stones. Be honest with yourself. There is NO pandemic and in the end they draw the short straw.

But do you go further with this by continuing to believe in this? Then you'll never, ever get out again.

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44 seconds of your time in exchange for the rest of your life.

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