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A normal day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city where only 45.6% of the population is Dutch, is at the forefront when it comes to the destruction of Dutch heritage.

Following the launch of a “RacistStatue in Great Britain and the daub on Winston Churchill's statue, tweeted “Youth Mayor” (with the very Mokum name) Achraf El Johari: "Now the facades of the many Amsterdam canal houses (hashtag) decolonize"

After Achraf got the wind on social media, he made it even more difficult for himself with the following tweet:

“Raising awareness, humor should be possible. I am in favor of a caption or the like. This is to make the black pages of the history of Amsterdam more visible. If all goes well, this already happens with street names, but could also be done with buildings. ”

But apart from Achraf, Amsterdam would not be Amsterdamistan without Ghanaian Jerry Afriyie, from Kick out Zwarte Piet, who is doing his part by calling everyone who criticized the “anti” -racism demonstration a racist.

Funny that people who are not from here want to lecture us about the past. The only thing these people are doing is robbing the Netherlands of its characteristics, identity, culture, history and being white with the help of white gutmen.


During the big “anti” racism (anti-white) demonstration in Amsterdam, Ghanaian rapper Akwasi gave a speech in which he said that when he encountered a Zwarte Piet "kicks him personally on his face."

His ruling has led to multiple reports of calls for violence. The Amsterdam Public Prosecution Service will study the returns.


Jerry Afriyie calls all critics “racists” & Report against Akwasi

Composition of the Amsterdam population, 1 January 2019

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