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A One Way Ticket to Hell

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Society has never been so divided. First, the regimes did everything they could to push everyone away from each other. Above all, do not contact each other. Not with your family, not with your friends and not with your neighbors.

That's way too dangerous. If we have contact with each other, we infect each other with a killer virus and we all die.

This panic message, which was widely disseminated by the mainstream media for more than a year, has not missed its effect. (Grand)parents no longer saw their (grand)children, children no longer saw their friends, every opportunity where we could meet was closed. Muzzles had to be put on and the redemption would soon come through an all-healing injection of unknown substances into your body.

Redemption at last! The time has come. For more than six months, people all over the world have been injected with an mRNA or transgene therapy. Some countries have already come a long way. Belgium, Israel, UK, some parts of the US, Cambodia for example. Other (Western) countries have only been hit by 60 to 70%. It now appears that hospitals and morgues are flooding with people who have participated (involuntarily or at least uninformed) in this gene experiment.


What should the regimes do now? They've always promised that if everyone just let those syringes put in their bodies, life would go back to 'normal'. But now the injected people also have to be tested every time and the syringes appear not to do much good for us, except for the risk of serious injury and even death.

Then start a smear campaign against the people who have studied this scam and decided not to participate in this genocide experiment.

State propaganda is now fully focused on discriminating and excluding the unsprayed. Even stronger: the unsprayed are a danger to the health of the sprayed. The craziest comparisons and examples are used. But it all boils down to the fact that sane people are no longer allowed access to public places, restaurants, shops and all that. Because they are dangerous.



In reality, this too is quite easy to analyze and expose the regime's lies. Compare hospital admissions and deaths during the course of this year's summer and fall with that of last year. Last year no one had received a gene injection, now the majority has.

I have collected some Belgian data for you. Sciensano is the government agency that collects the data. And they, too, go out of their way to obscure the truth by shifting x and y axes so that the equations that matter most cannot be made. But after some research I was able to make the following analysis:

Belgium has a (double) vaccination coverage of 86% of the population aged 18 and older. Last year around this time, no one had been "vaccinated." So now we're going to reap the benefits, right?

Well, take a look:

Last year, on August 31, 243 people were hospitalized with Covid, 74 of whom were in the ICU

This year on August 31, 668 people were hospitalized with covid, of which 191 were in the ICU (+ 175% and + 158%)

Last year, on September 7, 235 people were hospitalized with covid, 52 of which were in the ICU

This year, on September 7, 702 people were hospitalized with covid, of which 225 were in the ICU (+199% and +332%)

The number of deaths is also higher this year than in the same period last year. In numbers not so alarming, but in percentage the increase is also spectacular.

With a vaccination rate of 86%, this enormous increase in hospital admissions can no longer be blamed on the 14% unsprayed.

It remains exciting for a while what will happen in October/November/December, but we can already draw the preliminary conclusion:

The 'vaccines' do not work or even against!!!!!!

I had previously informed you that in the US there have been more deaths not from covid but from the covid poison syringes than from all other vaccines combined. I came across a chart that nicely illustrates this:


In the UK they started spraying earlier and from there I studied figures as well. There is a lot of attention for the number of 'infections', but I quickly read about it. Demonstrating an infection with a cotton swab in the nose, how in God's name is it possible that that is still taken seriously. Hospital admissions and deaths, despite the fact that those figures are also polluted, that's the only thing we can do anything with. We have always been told that the risk of serious symptoms of the alleged Covid-19 is significantly reduced by the gene injections. So that will also result in a huge decrease in the number of hospital admissions, right?

But the latest report from British Health Authorities shows that the story is not entirely correct there either. Among the hospital admissions, the sprayed are relatively more represented than the unsprayed. Deaths due to the 'delta variant' (of the virus that has not been detected) appear to mainly happen to those who have been sprayed. 64 % of the deaths are due to double injections. If we add the single dose of wretches, we even get to 70%. Let that correspond exactly with the vaccination percentages. I also noticed that the measurements are taken from February, when very few people had been injected. It was not until approximately June that a high vaccination coverage was achieved. But all deaths before that are now counted. Moreover, you only count as 'fully vaccinated' if your 2nd injection is at least 2 weeks ago. So if you die shortly after the injection, you are thrown into the heap of the unvaccinated. So the real conclusion is also there, more hospitalizations and more deaths among the sprayed.


The FDA has once again revised the definition of a "vaccine" in a way that is a little closer to reality:




So it says here that before 2015, the definition was that a vaccine was disease occurs, between 2015 and 2021, a vaccine will give immunity and from now on it only gives bescherming against a disease. Definition adjusted to the (also still lied) result that the poison syringes give, so we just keep going with the non-working syringes.


hugo de Jonge has now turned his back. Was he able to assure us some time ago that vaccination will never be mandatory, not even indirectly and that he would even make legislation that should exclude that…..

He now declares with full conviction that it cannot be the case that unsprayed people are given the same rights as those who have been sprayed. Here too, we will soon no longer be allowed to enter a hall, restaurant or cafe without a poison syringe every few months. In Australia, the dictator of Victoria has announced that it all goes much further. The unsprayed should not be part of social life and the economy. Just think about that for a moment….

Israel and Australia, that is our foreland. There is no vaccine app or passport that will bring us freedom. All panic machines are starting up again and we are heading for even darker times.



We can't beat it. As always in the history of mankind, there is only a small group of 'thinkers'. Most people are docile sheep who believe everything they see on the news and read in the newspaper. And the message from those institutes is clear: Avoid contact with the 'dangerous unsprayed'.

A one way ticket to hellThat's what I called my column. But the question is, who is this one-way ticket to hell for? Internationally renowned scientists with no double agenda are predicting hell for all those who have allowed the devastating syringes to be placed in their bodies. Left and right around us we already see many examples of sudden deaths and serious injuries from, or at least shortly after, the syringes.

Would it be hell for large groups of the vaccinated?


The unsprayed are excluded. At first only from festivals, theaters and cinemas. But the exclusions are becoming more and more extensive and so is the repression. Soon we will not be allowed to do anything at all and the physically and mentally weakened group of sprayed people applaud our exclusion en masse.

So maybe this is our One Way Ticket to Hell……

About 2 years ago, the summer of 2019, what plans were you making? How did you feel? How much faith did you have in the government?

Suppose I had predicted that the governments were going to strip you of all your rights and oblige you to participate in a gene therapy experiment on a global scale, you would probably have sent a van full of men in white coats to rip me off. let it run.

I didn't predict it for you, because although I am quite pessimistically critical, I could not have even imagined this idiocy and this terror.

There is so much going on, it is almost impossible to comprehend. Not even for the people who do their best to get or stay informed. Even for the critical media and critical scientists it is almost impossible to separate the sense from the nonsense, to separate the facts and the diversionary manoeuvres.



The wef and the governments have such a large group of indoctrinated behind them that they think they are untouchable.

They don't even hide their dark agendas. They communicate openly that nothing is wrong with regard to the pandemic. They unabashedly publish the lists of members, individuals, institutions, and companies that are members of the WEF, and it is precisely those individuals, institutions, and companies now carrying out the plans of the WEF. Plans that consist of subjecting the world's population to a communist world dictatorship. A dictatorship where our freedoms, our possessions, our right to self-determination and all our other rights will be taken away.

In addition, the intention is also to considerably thin out the population. They can also just shout this out loud. bill gates his big dream long ago was to reduce the world population by 15% with injections. The Georgia Guidestones wish for an even more drastic extermination of humanity. The masses don't read it, don't believe it, don't realize it and are so mad with fear that, as Jacques Atalli announced in the 90s, they queue up to be shot to death.


I'm not making up my mind that the syringes are deadly. Many internationally acclaimed (before the hoax) scientists in the field of immunology, microbiology and vaccine development, and many (medical) scientists and researchers in all kinds of other fields, warn against the terrible consequences of this mRNA genetic manipulation on your body. The weft-driven and government-paid 'scientists', mostly veterinarians, push all studies and reports aside and continue to tell you that the syringes are necessary to straks to resume normal life.


For a long time I had the hope that the regimes would turn their backs. Surely their constant stream of lies must at some point start to make the media and the masses think? But I see more and more people disappearing into the maelstrom. First completely panicked by a cold/flu virus, whether or not made up, and later brought into complete and frantic fear of fellow humans who do not want to participate in the spray experiment. No lie goes too far for her. No damage is too great for her.



I think there are 2 scenarios ahead of us.

One scenario is that syringes will become mandatory everywhere. If necessary, physically forced and that we will all be screwed up, left or right.

The other scenario is that a large group will continue to resist and there will be undeniable havoc with the health of the masses who have been injected. If the predictions of independent scientists come true, it will happen within the next three years or so.

Many will die and many others will be able to continue their lives with a completely weakened body. The awake people, who are still despised by the sprayed, will remain as a strong species.

Darwin at his most bizarre.

Is it right that vaccinated people fear the unvaccinated? Probably yes, all studies show that vaccinated people are even more likely to be hospitalized and die. How much more proof do you want that the syringes don't work for the purpose we're being led to believe.

I think whether or not you get sick depends much more on the condition of your body and the state of your immune system than who you meet. I've always been taught when it's cold you catch a cold. So put on a scarf and a coat. But if a cold were a viral disease, you couldn't catch it from the cold. Cold is not a virus. However, a cold body does lower your defenses. Could it just be that it can make you sick? So it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else?


Sometimes I do feel depressed. What are we doing it for. We at CommonSenseTV and many other independent news sites do our best to expose the truth. But we do it for a small group of awake people. We do not reach the large group of sleepers and that is why the rulers just laughed right in our faces.


It may become a One way Ticket to Hell for all of us.

Just listen to the heartbreaking story of this young woman who just lost her husband to the poison syringe.


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