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A round of media nonsense supplemented with hopeful news

The message to everyone: Stop enforcing the illegal corona measures!

A round of mainstream media nonsense!


Idiotic catering measures in the Netherlands

In recent weeks, the Dutch Data Protection Authority has received dozens of complaints from people who have visited a catering establishment. The lists on which they have to leave their names and telephone numbers went from table to table, so that everyone could copy them, writes de Volkskrant.

Some customers became unsolicited subscribers to a newsletter. Shortly after leaving the cafe, a journalist received a text from the bartender asking if she would like to have a drink with him soon. He had taken her number from the mandatory registration list for contact investigation.

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland has examples published how entrepreneurs can collect contact details without violating the privacy law (AVG).

We hope that people will be smart enough to place fake names en masse instead of participating in this DDR policy. It is irrelevant that a model has been invented that would “preserve privacy”. No model does that. Your data will be used and stored. So BS. Just do NOT en masse.

Nonsense from Victoria

Victoria, 6 million residents.

The media headlines:

Second highest death toll in Australian state of Victoria

The Australian state of Victoria has the second highest death toll to date in the last 24 hours. 24 deaths were recorded, 25 new deaths were recorded in one day last week.

The number of diagnosed infections remained roughly the same: 149 cases against 148 a day earlier. At the height of the crisis, more than 700 cases were diagnosed in the state in one day, as on August 5.

Victoria is the most affected Australian state. A strict lockdown was declared three weeks ago, which will last another three weeks. The state government wants to extend the state of emergency by one year to prevent the spread of the virus. During that period, it will then be given the authority to re-establish lockdowns if needed.

Thus the hypocritical NOS.

Yes, 24 people over 80 died in Victoria. What a mess, huh?

Revolution Berlin banned

Well, that will be with every revolution, it is surrender or just trying to forbid something. But whether the words of this guy in the picture will have much influence? This revolution has been going on for a long time and is really not going to stop. This is an insult to a lot of right-minded people. Especially the childish way of speaking to and about the people.

This Sunday there will be a demonstration in Berlin that is unparalleled. A revolution of people from all over Europe have been called to join in and the protesters have a fair share of the police behind them.

Not to mention the many, perhaps the majority, of the experts and doctors (outside of the clique who keep their l * l story to the media, day in, day out) have long known how things work. But the media just keeps going as if everyone still believes in the fairytale.

Again the NOS:

Berlin has banned a demonstration against corona measures scheduled for Saturday. According to the city council, the organizers have joined one previous demonstration show that participants do not adhere to distance and hygiene rules.

About 20.000 protesters had been registered for Saturday. (symbolic ed., everyone understands that) Also many "right-wing extremists were planning to come." "I do not accept that Berlin will for a second time become a stage for corona deniers and right-wing extremists", says alderman Andreas Geisel.

Exactly THAT sentence may well be the final push that this mass demonstration will become EVEN more massive. Putting away thinking critical people who have proven time and again to be right on their side in this way, and billions of Europeans who have been through all the media fiddling and fiddling with it, only makes this furious.

This is what the otherworldly councilor of the city says: "

 "I do not accept that Berlin will for a second time become a stage for corona deniers and right-wing extremists",according to Andreas Geisel.

Andreas Geisel - Councilor of Berlin

This is quite an insult to these millions of Europeans who are everything but the extreme right and virus deniers. An idiot word. The demonstration is against the bizarre proven harmful and unproven working extremely oppressive and degrading measures.

Staying away is not an option. The comparison this Chief makes is very striking.

Fair comparisons are made 

This says enough for a good listener. What are you going to do against ten million?

This is called revolution. And of course they want to ban them.

Latest news from the round of Mainstream nonsense:

Cafés and restaurants in Marseille must close at 23.00 p.m.

Marseille will be the first city in France to limit the opening hours of the catering industry again. Cafes and restaurants should all close at 23.00pm tonight. A mouth mask is required on the street throughout the city. Anyone who does not wear one can be fined 135 euros.

The measures have been decided because the number of corona infections is rising sharply and is above the national average. The city on the Mediterranean now has 177 positive cases per 100.000 inhabitants. Nationally, that is 33 in 100.000.

The Netherlands has already tightened the travel advice for Marseille and Paris to code orange on 15 August. Monday The southern French regions of Hérault and Alpes Maritimes were added, as well as the Sarthe region around Le Mans.

And now VERY HOPEFUL news from Spain

Spanish King returns to remove Spain from the podium

What they try in France and other countries, they tried in Spain.

The criminal measures and illegal policies of Sánchez and Iglesias have already come under heavy fire. These two introduced even more draconian measures on Thursday, but the day after, 2 Supreme Court courts immediately put a stop to this.

The day after, two Supreme Court justices, including Madrid's, banned the entire package from being trashed.

It is known that when these policies of Sánchez and the extreme leftist Iglesias with ties to criminal organizations, deliberately push the country to an economic abyss. Justice has spoken. These measures are illegal. Illegal.

Spanish judges reject masks and abolish atrocities

Sánchez has again threatened to declare the "State of Alert". They do this by testing as much as possible and then providing the people with disinformation through all media in order to make good news, bad news and put the ignorant back in a state of fear.

Not a single European media has gone to Madrid to congratulate residents and report on the good news that the judge has cleared people of these illegal measures, for example. On the contrary. All media see and report it as alarming. This while it should be a folk festival.

But Sánchez and Iglesias are far from finished. There will be a more detailed article on this later, but King Juan Carlos, father of the current King, SWEDNED the people to come back in late August, early September and overthrow this government with evidence that they set up the Madrid attack in 2004 to thus to depose the PP and put the PSOE in power plus many evidences of crimes against humanity.

In his words:
"I will return to Spain in a few weeks to denounce the deaths of 193 people by the left - March 11 - and put an end to the government of the incompetents." he gives hope to many Spaniards.

The unfounded allegations of the far left against the King are only very thinly substantiated. But those are not the facts the King will bring. The man knows very well what he is doing.

King Juan Carlos is known for being very strategic and intelligent and has done much, very much for the country.

The thoroughly evil Sánchez who has no empathy or compassion for his citizens, tried to get the King and his father (emeriat-King) away and make Spain a Republic and overthrow the monarchy in order to do so. The New Normal to initiate. A social / communist Spain.

For those who read Spanish, or want to read it with Google translator (reasonably readable), here is an article about this:

Don Juan Carlos I.

This man has very good relations with all the secret services of South America, with the richest Arab countries and many more powerful organizations, and is a born strategist and gifted. And above all, very popular, for any Spaniard who is not the extreme left.

He also says those responsible for the 192 dead from the false flag attack in Madrid in 2004 to be dismantled with hard evidence. Sánchez, then under Zapatero, is one of them. No one has ever been convicted as a mastermind. Not even Qaeda.

In addition, Sánchez has 52 serious charges against him that he must also justify in court. They are almost all about the corona measures and policies that have been held that have proved disastrous for Spain.

Sánchez can also answer to a judge for 52 charges (heavy charges), including by Vox, doctors and experts.

The charges include: "Crimes of serious carelessness leading to death" , “Serious injuries through negligence"In "Crimes against workers' rights for omission of security measures", because of his disastrous policy in recent months. (source)

Oincidentally, the ties with George Soros are also openly discussed.

VOX takes Pedro Sánchez and his coalition to court. Now Rutte still!

Where will deliverance come from? From Germany. Spain? Are we going to straighten things out ourselves and drag those wimps from The Hague together?

This will not hold. The more nonsense rules, the more people see through and the harder the blows will be for people like Mark Rutte and Hugo “Hugocaust” de Jonge.


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