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A Serbian warning: Socialism never comes and never goes away!

Cor Pluym sent us this inspiring video and we subtitled it.

Apparently we are not yet aware of how we are in danger of being engulfed worldwide by a wave of communism and socialism. With democracy on the verge of collapse in America due to electoral fraud, a pitch-black future is looming for the once free West.

A Serbian warning

Milošević was the 3rd President of FR Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000.

Milošević was a communist and member of the Socialist Party. Socialism knows no bounds to achieve their goal and there is no such thing as giving in. The end justifies the means and everything is allowed. We are seeing the same thing happening in America now.

In October 2000, Serbian dictator Milošević stole the elections.

“He used exactly the same techniques you see now. Everything you see in Project Veritas was modus operandi to him. Everyone knew. You knew it and we knew it. And now the question is: What are you going to do? ”

The country had already obeyed the dictator for 10 years. One had to live with betrayal. Fear. Violence. Harassment. Without any prospect of a normal future. Someone had to do something.

Something extraordinary happened in Serbia in 2000. After all those years of oppression and senseless bloodshed. After years of fear and oppression. Something arose ... something among the citizens ...

Suddenly people became civil disobedient with one accord. Everyone went on strike and everyone who could walk also walked. Out into the street. On to Belgrade. On to the enemy. All on their way to drag this dictator away.

“Milošević had very big names behind him .. On paper. But when they saw that sea of ​​people arriving in Belgrade, they decided to withdraw. They saw it was a lost cause. ”

“And do you think your mainstream media is spreading fake news? Even then you only know half of what real fake news is. Kids, kids. You don't know what is fake. ”

The story of this man is inspiring and it shows how a people is ultimately much, much more powerful than any dictator or government. It takes courage. You have to get together with like-minded people to change what needs to change.

"Now the question is: Do you have the guts?"

“If you lose now, it is over. Once socialism is in place, it never goes away. Never!"

Watch and listen to this special story that we have subtitled for you:


Mrgunsngear B Channel

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