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A VPN - Indispensable in 2020!

Surfing without a VPN is out of the question for us. There is no excuse for surfing without a VPN in the year 2020.

There are many reasons why it is better not to leave personal information on every website that you have visited on a daily basis.

This is only a brief explanation for people who have no experience with a VPN yet. Basically, it's nothing more than installing a small app on your computer or mobile.

If you decide to buy a VPN through our partner PUREVPN, we will receive a small commission. We promote them because we stand behind them and also offer benefits that we will discuss later and we can provide discounts.

But if you use another or want to buy one from another company, we still want to help you if there are any questions. We think it is so important to use a VPN!

We offer here PureVPN, a partner of ours. If you order a VPN there, we will receive a small commission. But there are dozens of other (good) VPN providers that also work fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via the contact form. Even if it is a different VPN. We think it is seriously important that people keep their privacy and do not just throw all the data on the street.

First, very topical: All mobile data will be passed on to the European Commission. The Corona crisis is abused to supposedly "Track infected people."

EU claims ALL data from EVERY citizen

In any case, close your home network completely! It's not difficult.

“A VPN also protects you against many other things. Every site you visit has your IP immediately. We also. With some handy search work, someone makes a mistake very quickly a profile of you. Do you have children who fall for bad people? Very quickly they know exactly where your child is. It's literally a breeze. Google creates a complete profile of you (automatically) and knows which surfing behavior belongs to which person. Know which ads to place on you. And that doesn't matter, but they also have your personal data. ”

A VPN protects your identity with strong encryption protocols for an encrypted connection along with changing your IP address.

The latter provides more anonymity and the ability to content "Unlock" that is not accessible in the Netherlands or the country where you are and / or live. For example, think of it American Netflix offer.

Or you are abroad but want to watch broadcasts or visit pages that are only available in the Netherlands.

You choose one of the tens to hundreds of different countries and locations worldwide, you connect to the server and voila! Your IP address is Dutch again. Do you want to watch German television? Choose a German server and you can watch immediately. Your IP address is German.

But more importantly: Privacy! For you and your family. Your service provider logs everything you do. All the websites you visit log at least your IP address and your operating system. Your address is known. Your name is known. People can link information to social media and that is one of the ways used to commit identity fraud. You can easily create a good profile of you and use it in many ways such as for advertising and propaganda but also for criminal activities.

Every moment that you surf without the protection of a VPN, you leave traces.

A VPN prevents this. Your IP address is invisible. They do not store any data from you. You are connected to a super fast server and nobody knows who you are and where you come from. PureVPN has one no log policy. No data is saved.

Don't just let Ollongren watch!

Other benefits are:

  • You use Google anonymously
  • You can watch broadcast missed abroad
  • Download torrents securely
  • Censorship bypass
  • Netflix, Hulu, VEVO and other providers

VPNs work on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

30 days Not good? Money Back! Without questions, you will be refunded immediately if you are not satisfied. We guarantee that.

Oh yes, and the VPNs are super fast! The installation is quite simple. If you can't figure it out, their customer service is always there for you. But you can also contact me for help or questions. I have a reasonable basic knowledge. Even if you have or want a completely different VPN than that of our partner.

The whole of the Netherlands on the VPN is a must !!


Order your VPN via CommonSenseTV and you only pay € 3.50 per month for a year!


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