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A week of rest from YouTube, a week more time for you!

at least .. we do our best ...

As most know we got banned from YouTube for a week yesterday.

The offense was placing David Icke's speech in London and subtitling it.

YouTube removes David Icke's speech and banned us. Reason: "Against WHO guidelines"


It's so sad and flashy that we don't worry about it anymore. We are posting videos elsewhere and here on our site and are looking for another good platform where we may be able to post as well. Bitchute is one of them.

The only reason YouTube is important to us is because that's where most of the people are who aren't fully awake yet. On platforms like Bitchute, most are already awake. They get there because they are censored elsewhere. And that censorship is often only applied on one side.

The advantage is that we can concentrate on the website for a week and can finish more extensive articles (including about the pedo party and what is behind it) as well as all the submissions we received.

If we do not receive something ready-made, we have to spend time on it to make it whole. That does not always work. Especially not with all the other work involved. So that's what we're going to focus on this week.

If you have submitted something, or if you have contacted us, there is a good chance that everything will be answered and possibly posted this week. But do not hesitate to email again.

Have we forgotten you? Even while we were in the middle of a conversation / appointment? It happens that emails slip through. I know that there are people who are waiting for an answer and have not yet received it and I also know that some of them must have been lost. So feel free to email us and sincerely apologize.

Just email me again. If necessary in large letters what it was about, if you have not yet had an answer.

It turns out to be more difficult than expected to ensure proper communication with the supporters via email. In addition, there is only one person who processes the emails in order to guarantee privacy when requested.

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