ABC presenter: “We had all the proof! Clinton, Prince Andrew and Epstein. Everything!"

The TV presenter Amy Robach from ABC News knew 3 years ago what Epstein, Clinton and Prince Andrew were up to with young girls.

Robach: “I already had this story 3 years ago! ABC didn't want to broadcast it. ”

“It was unbelievable! We had Clinton. We had EVERYTHING! ”

The 46-year-old presenter of ao Good Morning America is clearly excited to see images that have leaked out. Years ago she already had everything to prove what among other things Clinton, Epstein and Prince Andrew all played with the young girls.

This was in ABC's studio behind her microphone, but the channel was not live. Amy was angry and let go. These images have now been leaked. They are staggering images. (see video below article).

“We had her full allegations about Prince Andrew. I was pretty concerned why I shouldn't be allowed to continue! ”

Amy describes how she interviewed a young woman who had the courage to come out with her story.

“She had photos, self-recorded videos. She had everything. She lived in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come over and talk to us! ”

ABC's first reaction to Amy's story was: Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Nobody knows who that is. This is a stupid story! ”

And now it all comes out! I had freaking everything !! ”

She also said that there was a lot of pressure from all sides, such as from Buckingham Palace to make nothing known about this.

The images also pop up in which she expressed her anger that this was not addressed by ABC. This was in ABC's studio behind her microphone, but the channel was not live. These images have now surfaced.

Amy Robach: So I think Epstein was murdered? 100%. Yes! He's spent his life blackmailing. Yes, there were a lot of men on those planes to the island. A lot of powerful people came to that apartment. ”

She repeats the words previously used by lawyer Brad Edwards: "We're going to realize one day that Jeffrey Epstein has been the most prolific pedophile our country has ever known." and again she utters the words with great horror: "I had it all 3 years ago!"

For clarity. The interview is still there but still never broadcast.


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