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A revolution of common sense is underway. In 2020, the average person should be much better informed than is the case today, in this digital age. 
The main reasons slowing down this evolution of common sense are the mainstream media and our politicians. 
There is still a very large group of people in the Netherlands who are poorly informed about what is really going on in the world. 
All media, in the mainstream there are no exceptions, serve a specific agenda and are not independent. This results in one-sided news that gives people a completely wrong world view. This is especially dangerous in these times because these people, after being lied to for so many years, are difficult to convince that everything they have been told turns out to be a lie.
It is now more necessary than ever to shake up the masses because our freedom is at stake. Here we show the other side of the story. The real news
This is our chance for a society based on rationalism and realism. They know that. It's their last chance ...
Knowledge is power. United citizens are a nightmare for politicians with their own agenda and hunger for power.
Fortunately, the government and the media underestimate an ever-growing group of citizens who are piercing right through political correctness and who are often much better informed than themselves.
We are an independent platform and always will be. That's a promise. Our soul is not sold.
We write independently. Sincere and without political correctness.
Sincere news. Brought by citizens, for citizens. 
Freedom and democracy in a sovereign Netherlands! This has been built up for that. That's what we fight for.