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Acting in The Hague is the psychopathic norm

Acting in The Hague is the psychopathic norm

Ignorance, in the service of power thinking, has dominated the Binnenhof for decades.

That is unreal, incomprehensible, but above all unacceptable. The wishes of the voters are squandered out of party interest, under the motto of national interest, but for the self-interest of MPs.

With a study in political science, public administration or economics you are apparently ministerial in all departments. Especially if thanks to a nice face, a nice ass and/or a smooth chat within the regent parties (VVD, CDA, PvdA, for some time now D66 and if things go wrong also GL) you have made it to the top 5 on the respective election lists. to slip.

After Mark Rutte and Sigrid Kaag, Wopke Hoekstra has now also turned out to be a political (I hardly dare to call the word democratic) creep. The latter will undoubtedly be pleasant with a straight face at a church party, but the interests of the citizens are not in good hands with him either. Whatever ministry he ends up in. (He seems to be allowed to choose himself!)

And he gets regent-talks, especially now that Pieter Omtzigt is staying in the background of Twente for months. How did the voter decide? Why is the voter central?
Now that Pieter is at home, Wopke dares to announce that he is not going to work on a coming coalition with a left block as a block on the leg of the intended engine (VVD/CDA). See here how elitist individuals determine, at the expense of the masses. At the expense of voters who once again voted faithfully, but still and again are not represented.

A fragment from the slavish msm for a bizarre example. Wopke: “I said before: you have to look at the content. And then the difference with each of those two (PvdA & GL) parties - let alone with the two together - is very large. So that is not the variant that is most obvious to me.” For me? Who the hell is Wopke then? And Sigrid Kaag just keeps on firing, simply tacks after some presents (including the Chamber presidency).
No variant is obvious, Wopke! Already when a cabinet of more than one party is formed, voters are cheated and not just a little bit. Completely unnecessary, but structural to this day!

If the PVV is first banned en masse, then the FvD as well, JA 21 is not acceptable for one party leader and SP sidelines itself, while a few weeks ago Mark Rutte was a political pariah because of his growing nose. Only CU adheres to that (for now). But where are the interests of the voters in this circus of curiosities? Millions are sidelined, feeling constantly ignored. Unfortunately, that feeling is justified. Many no longer vote, others vote blank.

Why PvdA and GL would want to join the VVD/CDA engine is incomprehensible. All they need is to create a parliamentary majority to carry out the destructive policy of the through line from Rutte I to III in a hypocritical Rutte IV. In other words: to cooperate in achieving a majority of minorities in order to en masse out their own supporters. It couldn't be phrased better. Could be more powerful.

If it were a five-party cabinet, the large majority of 89 seats could relax the strangling faction discipline until it really comes down to it. Then all Pietertjes mouths are silenced and unanimous voting behavior is arranged. Why an improved political structure. Power is never lost, voters' interests remain cold and chilly on the clothesline, unless you're on the right side of party bosses. In addition to Sywert, for example, that of what inferior muzzles have not become worse, but also not deadly ill. Wopke leaves the religious philanthropist untouched, but spins silver threads in the absence of an inspired Pieter. Internally, the CDA is thinking of expelling the dubious millionaire; health care minister Van Ark believes that everything went correctly with the rejected mouth rags. But yes, it is from the VVD and people are used to this. (Think of the late Judicus Marinus Henricus Jacobus Keizer and his funeral home)

Politics in a nutshell.

We are stuck with a seriously ill polity in which parties with fancy names transmit festering infections that cannot tolerate any test. A number of parties erroneously carry a d in their name. A capital D of course. Can be omitted without problem. Think of VVD, CDA, FvD, but also D66 (unless the D stands for Draaien) The PvdA has been wrongly deceiving its supporters with an A for years and the C at CDA and CU regularly shame the namesake with retroactive effect. his then cross.

And that while there is an all-encompassing solution up for grabs, in which everyone feels represented and no one is cheated by the self-elected MPs.
In which ministers are party-independent, but also professional champions, everything is transparent and the voters continue to influence the work in The Hague through mini-referenda in the meantime. Then the party political appointments, decisive influence of top officials and intrusive lobbyists will be over. See for this

A blessing for the Netherlands; just across the border the rescue of Belgium.

Rients Hofstra

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