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Adolf Hitler wins the election

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This time not in Germany, but at a poll in a province of the former German colony of Namibia.

It is therefore not about the German Führer who has risen from the dead, but about the Namibian politician Adolf Hitler Uunona.

His father thought Adolf Hitler sounded good, so he gave these first names to his son.

Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected as the representative of the SWAPO party with 85 percent of the vote Ompundja, in the north of the African country.

It came to power after the end of apartheid in South Africa and has since been the largest party in Namibia.

In conversation with BILD, the politician distances himself from the leader of the Second World War.

He also defends his father.

"He named me after Hitler, but probably didn't know exactly who that was," Junior claims.

'Daddy didn't know him well'

And as a kid it was one for me normal name. It was only as a teenager that I began to understand that this man wanted to conquer the whole world. '

Uunona does not want to talk about the Holocaust.


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