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CommonSenseTV continues to grow and grow. This month we even achieved over 1 million page views. And this continues to grow.

You can get something out of that.

But… Google and the multinationals fill up? While we are against it? No..

You will be bothered with the most absurd advertisements and we will cash as we proclaim how bad it is for such companies to wipe our businesses off the map.

We have sent sponsors out because they wanted to interfere with the content of the articles. They even demanded censorship on certain topics. We do not start at CSTV! What you see here is at least sincere and from the heart.

As a result, what comes in is peanuts. But we can survive. Since more than 2 months we can finally say that we are SAFE.

Dutch companies have suffered in this created crisis. We would like to advertise for Dutch companies with products that we support or foreign companies that do have a very good product.

We currently have ads from a VPN because we sincerely believe that EVERYONE should use a VPN. We have SMARTPALACE. We stand behind that. This work is so intensive that a kratom tea is nice to empty your head in time.

We have an advertisement from, with the idea that it is a Dutch company. Yet we are about to remove it too.

We also sell T-Shirts and gadgets.

From a commercial point of view stupid. Yes. It will be so. You get up with it and go to bed with it and people do it for a tip and the rest goes into the website for that ultimate purpose. The Netherlands from this misery and from this EU!

It will pay off sometime, hopefully. But then because we did something good. We will see that again after this chapter of corona and “The new normal”.

Admittedly, we will not be able to use Google services. Or YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That's just the people who need to wake up.

But where we can, we avoid that and we want to radiate this with advertising for companies or websites. Do it too!

We want to advertise for Dutch initiatives and companies. And for a price that makes us both happy.

Send an email to:

Thank you all donors for your support. This whole platform is there thanks to you. And that is so beautiful. It consists only of citizens. And we like to keep it that way. We laugh at the emails we receive asking:

Who is financing you? The Russians? Politics? Hilarious. But understandable. Who can you trust in these times? U.S!


Spread the freedom!

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