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Plea note Jeroen Pols: what the cabinet does is not possible.

These following lyrics and the video are taken directly from A War Already Lost below the video on the YouTube channel:

A War Already Lost

Advocacy note Virus truth: what the cabinet is doing cannot be done | Jeroen Pols

“We have been living in a society that is unworthy of the rule of law for almost a year now. Policy must be fair and human. A policy that does not take into account the interests, happiness and well-being of 17,5 million people is injustice. A policy that does not allow children and young people a carefree childhood and childhood and takes away their future prospects is injustice. This inhumane policy is destroying the future prospects of the entire population. ”

According to Mr. Jeroen Pols of Viruswaarheid in his impressive plea before the court of The Hague on 19 February 2021.

Pols issued this note in the context of the appeal lodged by the state in the Virus Truth-won lawsuit in which the judge found the curfew to be illegal. For Café Weltschmerz, he once again delivered the entire plea note. According to Pols, the state should have respected the decision of the judge banning the curfew. He calls it shameful that she did not do this.

"In a constitutional state, the government does not lock up its own citizens in their homes."

But Pols' speech is about much more than curfew: it is about all measures and all policy.

The most important question, he says, “Is not at all stated by the policymakers and the parliament: do we actually have the authority to take these measures? Only one answer is possible here: no. ”

According to Pols, the measures form “An unacceptable violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights (ECHR), the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the WHO's International Health Regulations (IHR). In addition, the measures are incompatible with the system of the Public Health Act. ”

In the plea he explains clearly why the policy, contrary to what the cabinet maintains, does not protect public health, but damages it. He also explains why this is in violation of various international treaties. Dutch society has actually been in a state of emergency for a year, says Pols. This is only allowed if all kinds of criteria are met, while this is demonstrably not the case.

For example, there must be a concrete, real threat, not about "The fear of a potential danger".

There must also be a life-threatening situation for the entire population, which is not the case. The severity, duration and geographic scope of each measure must be strictly necessary. There must be a positive balance for public health. Proportionality must be examined. None of these criteria are met.

And how is it possible that the OMT makes policy based on hundreds of thousands of test results from people who are not ill, asks Pols. He also points to the failure of our representatives:

"If you follow the debates, you will see that our representatives of the people mainly exhaust themselves in screams to limit our freedoms even further with even more measures."

“But I have not yet heard a single Member of Parliament ask how these measures relate to international obligations in treaties? … There is simply no legal consideration of these measures. ” This case is not only about curfew, says Pols. “This is about our society. About the lives of 17,5 million people. ”

Do we consider our rule of law with the associated freedoms and human rights worth preserving for our children?

"Do we accept a government that only seeks solutions in inhumane and repressive solutions that take away our freedoms and dignity?"

What this cabinet is doing is not possible, Pols concludes. The international treaty obligations of the Netherlands leave the court no choice: policy must be dropped.

You can find all procedural documents in this lawsuit here:

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