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Supreme Court of the Balearic Islands now also rejects Covid passport

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It is clear that the Spanish courts think differently about the corona passports than in France.

Here and there we read that the idea exists that the whole of Spain has rejected the covid passports.

This is not (yet) true. But that doesn't make the good news any less good. It seems to be heading that way. All the more so because different courts give different reasons.

After previously, for various reasons, the Tribunal Superior de Justicia (Supreme Court) of Galicia, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, Andalusia and Melilla wiped out this absurd measure, the Supreme Court of the Balearics has now also rejected the covid passport.

The statement summarized:

The magistrates accuse the government of the Balearic Islands that the request “general and very little specific”. They don't doubt that “any massive event involves a risk”, but they remind the government that it is their duty “justify the proportionality of the agreed measure”. “The administration has opted for a radical and restrictive rights solution,” they disapprove.

For the Court it is a "contradiction" that with the advance of vaccination “the administration tries to impose measures of this restrictive type”“It would be logical that the effect of mass vaccination is decisive for greater relaxation in social life and more rest”, the magistrates point out.

In addition, the court finds insufficient "the burden" from the event organizers, who, according to the government's measures, had to designate a COVID person responsible for collecting the certificates.

That is now 6 autonomous of the 19 communities that have rejected the covid passport and there are also lawsuits in other communities.


This certificate can go in the trash

Now it is very positive but no cause for celebration.

It is only a party when the collective realization dawns that there is no novel coronavirus. Until that realization is there, we will never work it out.


A FAKE vaccine passport for a FAKE virus

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