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Again rape by migrants in Germany

It is striking every day and unfortunately again. This is the reality. 

Posting messages like this is no fun. But it must be seen. People need to wake up and realize what world we live in and how things will only get worse and worse if action is not taken quickly.

We can expect nothing more from the media than unilateral news and left-wing propaganda.

After we reported the day before yesterday about the umpteenth rape in Germany, a new sex offense came to light, of which the police again did not want to disclose the nationalities of the perpetrators.

Three men are detained and suspected of a group rape in Biberach. In a district Baden-Württemberg.

This time a 32-year-old German and 2 Syrians aged 19 and 20. 2 other men aged 27 and 34 were also arrested for this case but were released again. The police do not want to disclose the nationalities of the other 2.

Two girls of 13 and 14 years had agreed to meet the 3 men on 12 November. Together they drove to where they met the other two men in the garage.

One of the girls was raped under the influence of drugs and alcohol, administered by the perpetrators.

The younger of the two could defend themselves and managed to get away. The parents immediately filed a complaint the next day.

The police invaded the garage and small amounts of weed and amphetamine.

In the meantime, the other case of group rape by immigrants is still open. This was during Halloween on October 31.

Migrants are raping 14-year-old girl
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