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800 families are in the German Magdeburg Neue Neustadt and Salbke District this weekend obligated locked up in their homes.

The areas are in lockdown and are glued everywhere pamphlets to inform everyone that it is strictly forbidden to enter your home leave.The apartment dwellers are also not allowed to go to work, school or groceries, so volunteers must bring water, medicines and groceries.

Germany is busy putting thousands of Germans, living in all kinds of different apartments, under house arrest.

Do you want apartment block in Göttingen recently had to deal with permanent police surveillance on their doorstep.

On Sunday, however, the stops hit 200 out of 700 insulation seeded Göttingers.

But this rebellion soon became a reality smothered by even more police and police dogs.

Germany seems to be running a race to get as many people as possible test and too tracing.

You are only allowed to show two negative corona test results and a valid ID to the police self to get groceries after the forced quarantine period.All this because there thousands new corona cases have emerged in a short time, the German authorities said.

The meat processing company Tonies is designated as the source of the new infections in North Rhine-Westphalia.All over the world, meat factories and slaughterhouses are designated as cause of the new wave of covid infections.

At a chicken meat processing company in Anglesey, UK, 150 employees were suddenly found infected with Covid this week.

In West Yorkshire and Wrexham, hundreds of workers in the meat sector were also suddenly confronted with the stamp of corona.

And in Nebraska, USA, for example, many butchers are also allowed to retrain.

The slaughterhouses Vion and Von Rooij were closed in the Netherlands.

Tönnies in Rhena-Wiedenbrück is Germany's largest meat factory.

On Saturday there were 1029 factory workers declared corona-contaminated.

The counter of the total number of positive tests there would be on it 3127 according to the Landraad, the highest captain of a German Landkreis, Sven-Georg Adenauer.

De busy in the slaughtering industry.

Tönnies is now closed.

The director of the Tönnies firm, Clemens Tönnies, got a lot of fun devil of the Landraad, because he the addresses of its employees KON pass it on to the government, because that's just the case law is prohibited.

BUT the addresses were needed to access the Tönnies staff track down and subject them to a corona test and forced isolation.

Adenauer became very angry with Clemens Tönnies because of his 'sabotage' and now states that trust in Tönnies is zero point has declined due to, according to Adenauer, the non-cooperative attitude of Tönnies and under-director Andreas Ruf.

Ruf says he immediately forwarded as much information as possible to the authorities: “We have done what we could within the margin of the law.

Despite the labor law, German authorities provided themselves toegang to the personnel files of the slaughterhouse and then lock the relevant neighborhoods with a lockdown.

Clemens Tönnies (64) does not want to respond to the growing call to resign as director.

He says he will continue to slaughter his slaughterhouse to rescue of doom.


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