Al-Naba calls on ISIS: DO NOT carry out attacks in Europe

Al-Naba, the Islamic State's newsletter, calls on ISIS not to commit terrorist attacks in Europe because of Corona.

Islamic State (IS) advises its members in a newsletter NOT to travel to Europe because of the corona virus. Followers are also urged to sufficiently wash their hands.

Normally, Islamic State calls on its members via the newsletter Al-Naba (the News) to commit attacks in the West. In the most recent release, however, the terror group warns all followers to stay away from it for the time being 'land of the pandemic' to stay.

Al-Naba has made regular updates on the spread of the virus in recent months: "A new virus spreads death and terror in China," read in January.

Al-Naba newsletter


The newsletter stated that in February "Many muslims [want to] confirm that this epidemic is a punishment from Almighty God" because of the persecution of the Uyghurs in China.

And that "The world is interconnected" and transport between countries "would facilitate the transmission of diseases and epidemics".

The ISIS club magazine also contains an infographic with 'tips' to stop the spread of the disease:

For example, members are advised to "To trust in Allah and to take refuge in him in (case of) illness".

They are also advised "Cover the mouth when yawning and sneezing" and to wash their hands regularly.

ISIS people who suspect they have contracted the coronavirus are advised to stay away from the "caliphate" to protect the health of others.

A translated passage from the Al-Naba newsletter:

The Messenger of Allah said: 'Flee from the sickly stricken as you would flee from a lion.
Nothing just appears: no infection, no bad omen, no owl and not the month of Safar.
Don't be afraid, trust God. Take refuge with Him in case of illness.

The month of Safar is the second month of the Islamic calendar. This month is a very serious and difficult month:

During the entire Islamic year, Allah descends 1.080.000 disasters / disaster / problems on the earth, of which in the month of Safar alone 920.000 disasters / disaster / problems.

Most of the disasters / calamities / problems experienced by many Holy Prophets started in the month of Safar.


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