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ALARM! - One and a half meter measure will be included in the LAW

This will be THE LAW:

Don't get put away and by a bunch of political activists who determine that you are a conspiracy thinker when you see what happens.


The far-reaching measures against the coronavirus, including the one-and-a-half meter measure, are now officially REGULATED in a law.

For example, the cabinet wants the reduce tension between measures and democracy and the rule of law.

After all, the measures, which are now only included in emergency ordinances, were taken WITHOUT that the Senate and the House of Representatives had anything to say about this beforehand.

But now the rules have been in force for weeks and that while emergency regulations are only intended for 'an acute and unforeseen crisis situation such as the one immediately after the corona outbreak in the Netherlands', Minister Ferd Grapperhaus writes to the Lower House.

Now that many of the measures continue to apply for longer, more CARRIER is needed.

"In a rule of law, emergency ordinances cannot last too long, also in view of the continuing impact on the freedoms and fundamental rights of everyone.", said Grapperhaus.



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