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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to pick up HARDCORE criminals by plane

Democrats want US TAX MONEY to be used to get criminal immigrants BACK to the USA.

The Democrats are not succeeding in ousting Trump, but they are doing everything they can to upset and dismay Americans.

De New Way Forward Act is meant to permanently change the appearance and shape of the United States.

Previously deported criminals receive a return trip and access to free health care in the States. The new law will ensure that it is now illegal to deport criminal migrants by country of origin.

44 Democrats support the law. Among which Ilhan Omar en Alexandria Cortez.

The Future of the Dems in the US The “anti-white” activists Cortez, Omar and Tlaib.

The bill is almost as long as the Constitution and is meant to put America on the rails.

Hardcore criminals are welcomed. A conviction can no longer lead to eviction. 88% of all non-American prisoners are illegal.

In the last two years, 3000 illegal immigrants have been ARRESTED for rape and child rape. And 100.000 illegal immigrants are detained for violence against American citizens.

The new law states that these types of individuals may remain in America without consequences. They are also still 100% eligible for citizenship. Foreigners who have been raped or murdered in their own country are invited to live in the US.

Anyone who is against this law is one WHITE SUPREMACIST, say Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, among others.

It becomes ILLEGAL to apply migration laws to migrants. ICE agents (Immigration Service) are no longer allowed to check and use an existing criminal record against a migrant.

Under the heading: The Right To Come Home the democrats want to pave the way for already deported (for murder and / or rape in America) convicts.

Since 2016, 4000 Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants.

Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now want to arrange tax tickets to reunite these criminals with their families in the States.


More about Cortez and Omar from our YouTube channel (subtitled in Dutch).
Whites cause more deaths ...

An angry Trump supporter against Ocasio-Cortez:

The Squad in their own words:

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