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Aliens are in the Bible

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Quinten Makkinje has been studying the UFO phenomenon and everything that goes with it for 25 years. He regularly goes out with other ufologists and holds special ceremonies (in which meditation plays a major role) to come into contact with flying saucers, orbs and extraterrestrial life. He was a guest on Radio Glacier, where he told his personal story and showed that there is nothing unusual about 'aliens'; they're just in the Bible.

It all started when Quinten was seven years old. He saw dancing lights darting in all directions, and neither his father nor his Catholic school gave him a satisfactory explanation. The UFO ball started rolling through internet forums and Erich von Däniken's books.

He tells of a blue human-shaped entity that suddenly walked across the room with him, the meditations he performs in preparation for his nighttime ceremonies, the biblical book of Ezekiel is taken, because it describes how an alien lands on Earth, and many other topics are reviewed. Quinten does not hold back, is straightforward, but also has a great sense of humor: if the running gag When the crop circles are mentioned, the program derails into general hilarity.

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