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No corona without measures: All misery for 128 corona deaths

An updated version of the January 12th article. Reason: Number of deaths adjusted downwards on the basis of RIVM figures

We are separate from God!

NO ONE sees corona. NO ONE sees people drop dead and NO ONE who says, “Gosh, so and so already dead from corona, say. It's going fast! ” Those should be the hallmarks of a pandemic, right?

Hence the masks, the curfew and other absurd measures. They are the only ones that remind us of “the invisible enemy”. Because without measures? Not a virus!

And ill-informed people fall for it. You would prefer to ram the truth in figuratively, and it pisses you off that doctors are not much clearer and unanimous!

The figures actually immediately showed that this was anything but a pandemic. From the beginning we wrote about this and it was clear that there was no reason to panic. Doctors and prominent scientists immediately stood up, but they were gagged.

Through the media people hear figures but see no context. And they don't want you to see that context either.

Curfews, five feet away, the government is watching your house, lost job, lost company, suicides, depression, half a civil war, police brutality against people who see through it, lockdowns and restrictions for a year.

No more to the football, to the pub. What is this about. What are we doing and how do we make this happen?

All our freedoms taken away for…?

128 persons under the age of 70

That's the number of people who died directly from Corona. In almost TWO seasons.

These are the figures of the RIVM. Page 70.


Take all cases under the age of 70 and we arrive at the number 1.259.

1.259 of a population of 17.400.000 (17.4 million) !!

With a PCR test that is now known to not work and a virus that has never been isolated.

Who's crazy here?

And the other 7.000? Still a drop in a record, but these figures are so misused.

More than 90% had very serious conditions and died because it was their time. The phase that every virus is fatal. Since the average age of "corona deaths" is 82, those people have died very old. Otherwise you will never arrive at such an average.

One last push from a flu virus and it's just over. It's very sad. That's life. Exceptions? Yes… People also die horribly from the flu.

That is common sense. And we must all sit at home and are not allowed on the street.

Oh yes, and the flu is gone ...

If we put all the facts and figures together, then nothing at all remains of this virus.

Because this is all based on the official figures. So not counting the many known cases of incorrect registration of a deceased person as a corona death.

And humiliate and blame the population.

People who stand up for their freedoms and fundamental rights have nothing to do with vandalism. The government and the media know that very well. They are normal, peaceful people who see the big picture perfectly. It's also pretty easy. And truth triumphs.

So doctors, policemen and experts who know this is not true: This is the time to stand up together and clear the conscience. The future will take care of all of us.

We are cheated, lied to, humiliated and played off against each other.

Just look at what negligible figures. A disgrace. A crime against humanity.



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