Desperate Wikipedia Attacks on Free Media: CommonSenseTV is “pro-Russian”

It gets crazier by the day.

Now every other sound is also desperately attacked via Wikipedia.

Many channels, alternative media and other initiatives are listed “Conspiracy websites”.

The Wikipedia article article starts with:

“A fake news or conspiracy website is a website, social networking site of video channel on which according to the current standard fake news, hoaxes, disinformation and / or conspiracy theories distributed, whether or not mixed with verifiable messages. The users of these websites prefer to talk about alternative media and are generally of the opinion that most of the information on these websites is true. ”

Just accuse people. Unfounded. Above all, it is very sad.

Wikipedia is supposed to be neutral and can be edited by anyone. But the “Democrats” behavior is now also starting in the Netherlands. When you cannot win with facts, people will switch to these kinds of childish practices.

The advantage is that at some point the censorship, the unfounded accusations and the defamation become so clearly visible that it loses its power and starts to backfire.

We are also in the honors list. We are even Pro-Russian. Where do they get it… 🙂



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