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Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks

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Thanks to Vaccine Free Foundation for making this available translated video and the introductory text.

Vaccine-free Foundation is committed to transparent information and to maintaining a free choice of vaccination. You can find their website here:

Amazing Polly about Mind Control and Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Covid Injections, PCR Rods & Mouth Masks

In this video, Canadian investigative journalist Amazing Polly brings together many puzzle pieces about the strange magnetic phenomena we observe in vaccinated people, and about moving nanoworms / nanoparticles that have been found on mouth masks and PCR sticks, among others, and have been captured on image by many people.

Amazing Polly makes hypotheses about magnetite nanoparticles, mind control and soft robotics, based on previous research by Prof. Michael Persinger (a late Canadian Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience). She discusses available scientific literature on, among other things, magneto neuroproteins for mind control in mice, and targeting the entorhinal cortex (the place where the Covid PCR test rod is aimed at when taking samples) with this magneto protein in combination with a virus – for remote brain and behavior control. This is a scientific study and not a conspiracy theory.

She discusses electromagnetic frequency radiation (5G) and the transhumanist plans of the World Economic Forum. The United Nations Magnetite Meditation Room from the 50s is shown and their connection to the Lucis Trust – formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company – which is for a world religion. This is prophesied in the Bible. Amazing Polly connects so many amazing points that this video is a must see.


Direct link:

Video and introductory text translation by Avalerion Awakes commissioned by Vaccine Free Foundation.


About Amazing Polly and where you can follow her work

Amazing Polly is a Canadian investigative journalist. You can find all her work on her website: where you can also support her to continue her great work.

She also has a Rumble and Bitchute channel:
Amazing Polly Bitchute Channel:
Amazing Polly Rumble Channel:


About Avalerion Awakes

Avalerion Awakes is an initiative that emerged after it became clear that a growing and alarming level of censorship has emerged in the West since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Where even doctors and scientists are widely censored and can hardly participate in the public debate on the mainstream channels to criticize the official narrative and have any influence on corona policy.

With a slogan such as 'Quest for Truth', truth-finding always comes first, in which freedom of the press and freedom of expression form the basis. Access to information is of paramount importance, so that people are able to conduct their own research and draw their own conclusions.

With an academic background in molecular biology & biochemistry, the initiative also applies an academic approach to the studies it publishes. The initiative focuses in particular on the corona pandemic and tries to uncover suppressed and censored information and to present it in an orderly manner, with a broad view on a global level. The work is always supported as much as possible by sources that are made available to the viewers and readers.


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