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America´s Frontline Doctors: Chloroquine effective against COVID19 and CANCER

Do not be fooled by fake COVID19 experts who want to push their own agenda through it and who are the opposite of the real experts.

This is Richard Urso of America's Frontline Doctors who is addressing the disinformation about hydroxychloroquine and about COVID19.

"Chloroquine is one of the best drugs ever in history."

It does not attack healthy cells but only cancer cells and is also very effective against COVID19.
These “Frontline doctors” are truly the best doctors and experts in America and not the regular invited “virologists” and “doctors” by the mainstream media pushing their agenda.


Everything is censored. Even the press conference that would open everyone's eyes about COVID19 and the disinformation and overestimation of this soft virus is completely censored and can not be found even with Google.

Here the article and the press conference.

Major Censorship Press Conference of US Top Doctors - The Truth About Corona!


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