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An awake Groningen person: How complicit are you in the corona damage?

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Pieces by Vicki Van Lommel regularly appear in the Groningerkrant:

Van Lommel is a columnist, research and science journalist and writes about sustainability, climate, energy, circular economy, politics and society.

A long column but definitely worth reading.

How complicit are you in the corona damage?

Many people facilitate a climate in which the government is given the space to have crimes against humanity repeated. How complicit are you in the degrading damage that the government is doing with its corona policy?

There was one in the past 25 years up to and including the year 2019 average annual mortality rate in the Netherlands of 0,88 percent, except in the period from 2004 to 2014. In that period the mortality risk was around 0,825 percent.

So many people died less than average for 11 years. In absolute numbers, approximately 95.000 people died less than average during that period, despite the aging population that has been steadily increasing since the turn of the century.

In 2004 about 6.500 people died less than average, in 2005 about 7.000, in 2006 more than 8.000, in 2007 almost 11.000, in 2008 more than 9.000, in 2009 almost 11.000, in 2010 almost 10.000, in 2011 almost 11.000, in 2012 almost 6.500, in 2013 almost 6.500 and in 2014 almost 9.000 fewer.

Nobody alarmed about this under-mortality. The media didn't say a word about it and the government didn't debate it. There was no euphoria, when by today's standards it should have been. After all, then the reverse of what is happening now happened.


The average life expectancy of the baby boom generation in the Netherlands is around 72 years. The youngest baby boomers will have turned 2020 in 65, so it is expected that many will die of old age in the next 10 to 15 years, sometimes accompanied or not by a bacteria or virus such as Covid-19 or a mutation thereof. In the past, pneumonia was known as 'the old man's friend'. .

This may now have made way for the corona virus. It is not unlikely that elderly people have died with or from corona in recent decades, given this virus already in the 60s has been identified. All diseases, in the situation that they lead to death, are equally bad, but then no one had any problem with it. Then the Dutch government did not panic. Then she propagandistically did not divide the population with the help of the media.

When no Outbreak Management Team (OMT) was banging about how hospitals and IC's were over-questioned every year with every flu wave, after the government had decided to cut almost 30 percent of the cut down hospital bed capacity.

Not a Red Team that was allowed to have a say, but for one reason or another never speaks in the media again. No censorship by the government on sound (scientific) substantiated (research) articles that show a different sound, which is at odds with the fear porn that now reverberates on the radio every day and rages on social media and via other channels.

During that period of under-mortality that lasted up to and including 2014, the mortality risk for people up to the age of 65 was 0,15 percent, which is higher than the previous two years. Since 2019, the mortality risk for this group has been 0,12 percent. In 2020, the mortality rate was maintained at the very lowest level of 0,12 percent, despite Covid-19.

But neither media nor government cared that despite a period of under-mortality, proportionally more people under the age of 65 died.

No one now in politics or media is cheering that despite corona, the lowest mortality rate for people under 65 in 2020 was maintained.

On the basis of figures from the RIVM To date, more than 90 percent of people who have died from or with corona are 70 and older. 95 percent are older than 65 years. It is now known that of all these people who died with a positive PCR 'test', almost everyone was suffering from one or more chronic conditions and / or obesity.


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