An entry that puts you grounded again

We received this by e-mail and think it is more than worthwhile to let you read it

What we actually see around us is a systematic implementation of the fall of national governments such as the republic of America, the United States (US) and the rise of the US corporation and with it that one world government.

Every major event is a step up the ladder to achieve that goal, gradually. COVID is just another step on that ladder. Therefore there is a deliberate blending of all word usage, a combination of lie and truth is the ideal mix to mislead people, isn't it?

We can no longer use the word 'quarantine'. That is a term meant to protect people who are sick. “House arrest” imposed by the government is the right word.

We should also no longer use the word 'social distancing'. There is nothing social about forced isolation.

We should stop shouting 'home is safer' when a steadily increasing proportion of my fellow countrymen, as well as millions of Americans, do not have enough resources to make ends meet and provide for their basic needs.

It assumes that everyone's home is as safe as that of the people who claim it.

We need to stop talking about how this house arrest is in the public interest. Because if we let the government close the economy (companies for which families have worked for generations), as the World Economic Forum under the leadership of Klaus Schwab aims to do, that is anything but good.

We have to stop saying this is the 'new normal'. Because that is simply blatant manipulative nonsense: there is nothing normal about forced isolation, treating your neighbor as if he has the plague, inhaling your own bodily waste, wearing mouth masks, and living in constant fear of contamination by a virus that exists almost only by the grace of wearing the mouth mask.

Is that normal? I mean if the coronavirus is so deadly, why have the homeless people, whom I feed on a daily basis, not already died en masse from (instead of with) corona: they are the ones who do not observe 'social distancing' nor do they wash regularly, let alone , that they live in or have access to a sterile environment.

Last year, one and a half million Americans died from tuberculosis. Why didn't others wear a mask during the tuberculosis pandemic? Those others then endangered themselves and other billions of people around the world and with it public health worldwide.

I'll tell you why those others didn't wear a face mask: because the mainstream media didn't tell them to wear a face mask.

Because, although one and a half million people in the US died of tuberculosis, there was no tuberculosis pandemic like the coronavirus pandemic today.

In which the vast majority of the population still participates, it concerns itself as a prototype of a computer, which is connected to the global mainframe systems of artificial intelligence, as a beta test for this and therefore allows facial recognition to be used.

The cameras in a 'surveillance state' work best when people are at a distance from each other. It is being tested how these AI systems can recognize a face that is partially covered.

And that test is also an easy way to determine who is following the crazy rules and especially who is not. In other words, who does the propaganda through the mainstream media work on and especially on who doesn't.

Understand this is ironic because a society that for convenience (and the richest of the rich for their entertainment) kills millions of babies a year, has shut itself down to keep adults from dying;  people who on the one hand butcher millions of babies in the womb, preach in mass psychosis about the sanctity of human life, hypocritical aren't they? It is double talk.

It is the policy of two contradicting doctrines at the same time, one for the initiates and one for the uninitiated, one for the inner satanic circle, the other for the masses, whose energy the world rulers from this inner circle need. Or for example if I break the house arrest rule I can be arrested, but convicted criminals leave the prison so that they cannot be infected with the corona virus, the synthesis of 'thesis and anti-thesis'.
It is also ironic when I ask you the question, namely if there really was a corona pandemic, would there be faulty virus models, falsified test results, 81% false corona positives, inaccurate news reports, played over the number of limited hospital beds and the limitation of capacity. in intensive care units, manipulated death toll statistics? 
No, because aIf the government is shutting down millions of small businesses, destroying small and medium-sized businesses, but not firing government employees, that's not a matter of public health. When the state prohibits a dentist from practicing his profession, but deems it necessary for abortion clinics to remain open, it is not about your and my health.
And if the state prevents us from buying seeds for your garden, but we can buy a lottery ticket, is it your and my health? No, because the same is true in case of  an institution that has the ability to destroy the entire planet on which we are allowed to live through alleged nuclear warfare should not regulate personal self-defense or an institution caught trading drugs should not be able to regulate the cultivation of plants or an institution that has accrued twenty-three trillion debts prior to the outbreak of the so-called coronavirus is not allowed to manage the pension fund (we have seen what this has led to in the Netherlands, namely 1.400 billion euros in compulsory accrued pension funds for Dutch citizens, as soon as they reach retirement age , the government of the Netherlands already gave a present to the representatives of the EU) or an institution caught spreading STDs should not have health care and given the pedocracy running this institution, should not even run a petting zoo, let alone be able to do the latter.
If people are really concerned about public health and their safety in general, but they don't care that they eat (chemical) waste and drink poison (which I told the European Parliament about two years ago through Dutch Member Sophie In 't Veld have pointed out) and smoke cancer via the e-cigarette and at the same time use pathogenic medicines, while they think that toilet paper, hand sanitizer and mouth masks will protect them against the so-called coronavirus (which the bogeyman and scapegoat for all the diseases they suffer from). ) is. then we have to conclude and I can say (based on information revealed through the bible) that they really are (made) exceptionally stupid.
Just ask yourself, when did you agree that your government, pretending to be serving you and me, have a government that you serve and rule over you and me? If you want to know who is in charge, consider who we can and who we cannot criticize.

This way of reasoning should - also in the European Parliament, reason why I also brought this email to the eyes of the European Commission - should be standard for humanity in 2021.

But we cannot count on the mainstream media for that. They help to manifest a dystopian phenomenon that shows how half and the overheid still manage to make and keep so many ignorant if not 'o-lie'dom while almost also for those ignorant all the necessary knowledge is within reach.

Please rate the content of this email, share your response to it and help so that a powerful, well-awake minority can get through mainstream censorship to fully inform the remaining OVIDs (which is Latin for slave sheep) and then get out of their (debt) slave existence to help liberate.



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