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An essential LEGO message in the margin

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An essential LEGO message in the margin

LEGO has presented a prototype of a sustainably made building block.

That's nice isn't it, it's hidden somewhere on p. 16 of the AD. Then a not unimportant sentence a little further on: 'Over the past 3 years, the company (ie LEGO) has tested 250 variants of sustainable plastic'. The article closes with the sentence: 'Further testing will take at least another year'.

A total of at least 4 years of testing with as many as 250 variants. And that on innocent building blocks. Stones that are already sustainable (I still have those from my youth from about 65 years ago) but apparently not sustainably developed and manufactured at the time. The old bricks were made from ordinary plastic, the studies focus on sustainable recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic from oil.

Can you feel it coming? 4 years of testing on 250 variants of plastic, all without side effects!
Would the ladies and gentlemen CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and AstraZeneca also have seen this stupid message? And if so, do they regretfully sink through all the floors of the many floors from the top one? The top one with such a great view over the mob that moves apparently like ants? Ants that can kill you with a foot movement?

Well forget it, these psychopaths will never be remorseful. To repent would imply that they have a conscience. And they miss that last one. Compare those 4 years of LEGO against the three-quarters of a year in which the four multinationals have independently developed a vaccine that they have designated. All four developed and tested through and through at about the same time, in less than a year! Where LEGO tested 250 variants, this 'noble foursome' did it with only 1 variant.

But what and how has it been tested for only a few months? It is known that a number of test subjects are called up during testing. If quite soon after the first human trial some 'rabbits' show unpleasant side effects, they are already removed from the test group. The rest is further tested. If, during this process, a test guest here and there is 'acting weird', he/she is asked to go home with those inexplicable strange ailments. Until it turns out that the 'vaccine' did not cause any or a few minor side effects in the remaining test subjects. And then the miracle cure can hit the market.

So after this dubious three-quarters of a year, the drug is released under pressure. After all, the Covid-19 killer is about to almost completely wipe out humanity. Ask Mark and Hugo. Ask Ab and all the other vets who have been promoted to virologist after an accelerated mini-course and they all nod slavishly in agreement as if indoctrinated by the devil. That the big four pharmaceutical giants added a statement as an instruction leaflet that they cannot be held accountable if suddenly out of nowhere??? very annoying to even deadly complications arise. Very wise of those CEOs, after all they don't know what will happen within a year, let alone after a year or over an even longer period, although they are almost certain that there will be many victims.

No, the syringes are safe, Hugo says, despite very emphatic warnings from a former top executive of AstraZeneca. Our ministerial ignoramus with dazzling blinders -that go well with his footwear- is a plaything of lobbyists and 'experts' with considerable interests. Even after AstraZeneca and Janssen were put back on the overloaded shelves in many countries. What about long-term problems?

At one time, DES and SOFTENON were considered safe. We know what the consequences were, especially in the long term.
What about lead-containing paint, asbestos, GHB, cocaine in cola, pesticides (including round-up), antibiotics in meat (now resistance). They were all once good products according to the scientists/producers/lobbyists/sellers.

There is still a lot to learn from and with LEGO. Also by the snoring part of the population, which uncritically allows themselves to be filled with life-threatening ingredients, of which no dog knows what the consequences will be in the short, but especially the somewhat longer term. Perhaps one of the side effects is that the housing shortage will be solved in a very short time!

Rients Hofstra

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