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Dear readers,

Experience has taught us that there are a number of things wrong with this website. We also receive it via email from readers (thanks for that).

What's wrong then?

  • The pages load too long. This slows down the website, especially when it is busy. One of the reasons is because we post images without looking at the size of the file (in hindsight that makes sense). All images in the all articles must therefore be optimized and the images converted to a smaller file format.
  • Our video player does not work (properly) on some iPhones. This needs to be resolved.
  • We are regularly bothered with DDos attacks. Not so bad in itself, but the plugin / app that protects us against this causes that the foreign versions of our website other languages ​​are not accessible, while they are also reasonably visited.
  • Mobile users sometimes experience a “white bar” on the right side of an article. You can then scroll left and right, but scrolling is almost impossible.
  • Structure: For mobile users as well as for PC users, there must be a clear overview immediately with all the topics we cover and there must also be the possibility to search per author. Articles / columns that deserve extra attention should be better highlighted. Everything must be available at a glance.
  • Newsletter: We had a newsletter but we did not expect that so many people would sign up. Mailchimp, the program for newsletters, suddenly starts asking decent prices for more than 2.000 registrations that we cannot afford to be a regular burden.
  • Video section. We now have over 700 videos. Some are no longer relevant at all because they are several years old, but most can still be placed quietly. We have purchased a new domain. There is almost a copy of YouTube but from CommonSenseTV with the same options as YouTube. A number of coding errors need to be resolved so that the site can finally open. There is the possibility that people can upload videos themselves. At first we will not do that, but if it is successful you never know what will come out.
  • Searchmachine optimalisation. With patience and time, all articles and categories must be checked again so that the website is perfectly set up to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Speed. Each page must be fully loaded within 5 seconds. This can be done by paying close attention to details for each article and by adjusting previous articles.


We also know that some comments that people want to post are not immediately posted and queued. The system suspects it is spam. We understand that that is very annoying, but we cannot avoid it. We will try other anti-spam software.

If this happens to you, try posting the same post again but in slightly different wording. We do check every day whether there are posts on hold to approve them. But it has nothing to do with the content of your post or your opinion. The only thing we pay attention to is personal attacks, name calling, trolling, etc. We remove that, no matter who it is. This in the hope that real discussions will arise and that more people will respond. Many people often want to participate in the discussion, but they get tired of what they get over them.




We have also found a professional coder. A person who is just as in it as we are. A huge help and a friend's price. This person is mainly concerned with the security of the website.

As most people know, there is no final editorial here, no one is happy with someone else's articles and we feel together very well what is and is not possible. That is how it came about. We all have the same goal. As long as that goes well… never change a winning team.

Since I won't be writing for a while, it may be that fewer articles appear, but luckily we have fantastic people who put their free time into CSTV so there will be some to come.

For me my role has changed a bit. In the beginning I was constantly making videos, bringing news, more research on certain topics and revealing the fake media (you can literally catch them on a daily basis).

I want this back. This is what I want to do. Now I am more concerned with peripheral matters.

If all kinds of things are wrong with the website and you know how you want it in the back of your mind, knowing that that will only work if you take a little more distance, then that is frustrating. It was almost impossible to post anything because every day is an important one in this battle of our lives. Then there are also many peripheral matters such as social media, the Facebook account and the dozens of emails per day are some examples. Nobody ever thought that there is so much involved in a website like this one. I also know that I was talking to certain people, via e-mail, and suddenly lost contact by forgetting to answer. I don't like that at all.

In the coming days, all the time will finally go there. With good help.

Every day that the site does not work optimally, the result is that we have fewer visitors than we could actually have. At the moment we have about 20.000 regular visitors per day with peaks of even over 100.000 and everything in between.

We have no comparison material but it seems we have a good range. But this must and can be improved. Much better. The Netherlands MUST wake up and we want to be part of it and maximize it. There is so much more to display and there is work to be done. We must bombard the Netherlands with truth propaganda.

I also take the opportunity to answer a lot of e-mails, there is an important interview in the preparation that we have to show you and a number of people have to be contacted who we did not get around to before. People, better known people, suddenly appear more willing than ever to have an interview, we have the impression, and we want to do something with that too. In addition, there are a xxx number of articles / columns / opinion pieces that should never be snowed under and will always be relevant.

That was it! Feel free to ask questions below this article. Also, if you have any issues other than those described above, please let us know.

End rant Danny.

We are going to win this battle. Thanks for your understanding and see you soon!

I would like to thank all authors for what they mean for CSTV and especially for the Netherlands. You are toppers!

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