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And now, exclusively on CSTV, the actual numbers: infected, dead.

No, it is not a typo. No, I didn't fall asleep with my head on the keyboard. You read that right, 80 billion infected and 8 billion dead …………… From the flu.

Okay, I admit, it's a really, really rough estimate. But it could well end up close to this number.

Suppose that from the beginning of humanity we would have counted how many contracted flu and how many died from flu. And suppose that we would keep counting …… .. Then you could well end up with the above numbers.

But that doesn't make any sense! you will think.

No, indeed, that makes no sense, but that is exactly what they are doing now with the corona infections and deaths.

Heart failure, cancer, Alzheimer's and whatever cause of death, the statistics are kept from January 1 to December 31. In the case of flu, we even do it seasonally. And at the end of the year or season, we reset the counter to 0 and start counting again. But just imagine, if we were to do that with corona too, you might one day become less scared. And of course that is not the intention. The number of deaths and the number of 'infected patients' must remain as high as possible.

The year 2020 is over. All counters should be set to 0 but it is not happening.

But what about the deaths of the past year, in which we experienced the biggest (or most grotesque) pandemic in living memory?

In the past I have sometimes made extensive calculations of the mortality rates by age group and by cause of death. This showed that there was little or no evidence of excess mortality. What was striking was that significant shifts had already taken place towards causes of death. The increase in the category 'other' was offset by the decrease in other causes of death such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. A comprehensive study by an American student from Johns Hopkins University showed the same picture. Obviously, the comprehensive report has been labeled false and censored.

Let's take a look at how the situation is now. Out of laziness, I take over the calculations of the zealous journalists of The Bataafsche Courant. At least they use weighted averages and therefore give a correct picture. If you want to look for more detailed figures yourself, Statistics Netherlands offers you every opportunity to do so. And you will come to the same conclusions.

The conclusion is that there is hardly any excess mortality. A little under (2019) or excess mortality (2020), that is a normal phenomenon. Sometimes it's a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower, and that's how we get an average, but with a very, very, very low standard deviation.

Politicians will start patting themselves on the back later. 'Thanks to our measures, excess mortality has been limited'.

In almost the whole world, governments have the same menu from which they can choose which nonsense measures they can impose on the population. I have since gained personal experience in Peru, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. One country is even more backward than another with its measures. Peru has long had the most stringent lockdown policy in the world. As a result, about a month and a half later, Peru was the most infected country in the entire world. When the measures were lifted, the number of infections and the number of hospitalizations fell spectacularly. Peru is currently working on stricter measures. Recently, the entire cabinet has changed, including the president. This initially led to the stopping of the idiotic measures. And the crisis was over. Well, the corona virus infections / sick / death / panic seed crisis was over. The real crisis, people without a job, without a company, without money, without food, is now in full swing. But suddenly, you know what, last week, from one day to the next the number of 'infections' in Peru has doubled and the 'menu' is also looked at again to see what measures they are going to impose on the country again. I can tell you with certainty that doubling infections in one day is an absolute lie. The new government must have received instruction visits from Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates or some of his emissaries.

The Dutch cabinet has fallen. Gotogotogot. We have fallen, we have to go, but we just sit tight and go on with our nonsense. In fact, we want more bullshit. Oh, in other countries people wear muzzles, we want that too. Oh, in other countries the shops are closed, we want that too. Oh, other countries want a pcr test, we want that too. Oh, you can't go anywhere in other countries anymore, we want that too. Oh, other countries have introduced curfews, we want that too.


And what is the result of all this nonsense? Nothing positive at all! Only damage and misery.

Yes, but what about the English version?

It's unbelievable that they come up with this nonsense and that everyone swallows it for sweet treat. They have never been able to detect the sars-cov-2 virus. The disease they called covid-19, they have assumed to be caused by a new virus. But they have never been able to find that virus. (The pictures you keep seeing are just computer animations, dear people). In Italy they performed an autopsy on more than 20 corona victims, against the regulations. And did they find the corona virus? No.


But you know what? They have always been able to find the mutations and variations. The English variant, the South African variant, the Brazilian variant, the Russian (oh dear, that's dangerous) variant. But just wait for the North Korean version to arrive. Then almost everyone dies.

Do you remember 'Operation Lockstep' from the Rockefeller Playbook ???? (see link below) Everything stated therein is still coming true. They are trying with the 'much more dangerous' variants to scare us about the 'voluntary' vaccination duty. But believe me, if there are enough people who don't go along with this idiocy and the vaccine programs, they'll unleash a new virus or bacteria on us. Fictional or not. Personally, I think they can start spreading something dangerous but are afraid of it because they themselves do not know how much damage a new virus or bacteria will cause. Hence, they now arrive with the 'variants'. In doing so, they hope to create enough fear and make you hurry to the vaccination stations.

If you can name one government measure that can be presumed to have any effect, please let me know. My observation is that it all makes no sense at all. Have fewer people ended up in hospital because I was not allowed to travel home for 9 months? Have fewer people ended up in hospital because you are no longer allowed to travel by car after 18.00 p.m. (France)? Have fewer people ended up in the hospital because you have to leave the packed restaurant at 15.00 p.m. which is only allowed to be open from 13.00 p.m. to 15.00 p.m. (Spain)? Shortening opening hours, a small child can come up with that, is the dumbest thing you can do if you don't want many people together at the same time. In Spain and Peru you always have to muzzle on the street outside. But as soon as you enter the restaurant or bar, you can leave it. Did that help less people end up in hospital? Have fewer people ended up in hospital because you are no longer allowed to visit your parents? Have fewer people ended up in hospital because the shops are closed? Fewer people ended up in hospital because of all this idiocy? Everything, everything is only meant to belittle you, to manipulate you, to oppress you.


It's all been planned a long time ago. The vaccination passport, now it is only talked about that it could be a possibility for the future. The vaccination passport is already completely ready for use in April 2020. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Everything has been thoroughly planned in advance. The instructions for the authorities, the pcr test, the vaccines, everything, everything was mapped out to perfection in advance. And if you do a bit of searching, you'll know soon enough that they haven't even made it a secret. But they know very well that if you master the main stream media, you can fool 95% or more of the people without a problem. Please don't believe anything at all about what they serve us. Anything and everything is cunning and deceit.

Also read the columns that Karel Nuks has written about this. I hope that as many people as possible will read, understand and spread that. Maybe one day we will get rid of this dictatorship, this oppression, this terror.

If not, our freedom, our prosperity, our society is lost forever.


In my column 'Complot Thinking Course' you will find The Rockefeller Playbook at the bottom, including a Dutch translation. Read and shiver!

Course conspiracy thinking

Danny had previously reported about the vaccination passport:

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