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And our fishermen are no longer allowed to fish ...

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In order to roll out the Dutch even harder, there are plans to ram the North Sea with 22.000 concrete piles for the windmills.

A total environmental disaster in the making.

Why is that really not a good idea?

The tender for building was won by chance by the Dutch company Boskales. (

The 22.000 concrete piles are protected by an epocy, electrification to lead to prevent concrete rot through seawater. The protection is mainly to prevent attachment.

The epocy sounds cozy and is too slippery for the attachment of marine animals and algae, but the effect is that they will die if they come a little too close.

The electrification costs as much electricity as the windmills produce and the algae and marine animals will die. And by wrapping with lead you get an environmental disaster and a North Sea with lead poisoning. All 3 so-called solutions are completely ridiculous to use. Should never happen and is a shame!

In addition, all our fishermen are no longer allowed to fish there.

It is forbidden area. A death blow to these fishermen who also had to give up pulse fishing from the EU. Complete new more efficient pulse boats can no longer be used in one fell swoop and have become worthless. But not the bank loans!

Our fishermen, who from generation to generation have mastered the fishing trade in the North Sea, must actually go and are the bobbin. They have the experience that there are porpoises that communicate via sound waves. In addition, the area for mating flatfish as plaice.

When driving, a sound wave shock is released from thousands of 1000 watt halogen lamps that come on in one go. You can imagine that such a porpoise is dead in one fell swoop. Research shows that a windmill 18 km enters the earth's crust. In the space of six years, no living creature will be found and the complete ocean currents will have changed.

We cannot allow this impending disaster.

Not for the loss of our fishermen, who can never throw their nets out normally again, nor for our public North Sea and the view of the beaches. We are not even talking that only 25% of the electricity generated can come ashore.

And together with the solar panels, which are only responsible for 2% of the total requirement, the LNV extortion control procedures are not (600 million but 125 million, 55 million of which have been taken away by environmental clubs, the surrender of standstill for bird migration and none, or too much wind with our tax money.

Maintaining gas emergency power at overproduction power stations to catch "blows", the non-circular crumbling wicks produced at the lakes of Baouto, the deadly advertising of Vattenfall, the importance of the Gasunie and Tennet and the dead end thousands of living oysters plotted by Tjeerd (D66).

If a tender can be made for this, a tender for core or thorium can certainly be issued.

Do you want to check all this? Everything is explained by our fisherman via the links below.

Jasper S.

Sources: The fishermen speak!



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