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And then, the police came in.

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June 2, 2021 Update. See below


You experience quite a bit as a columnist for CommonSenseTV. When I offered my first column to Danny from CSTV and he posted it on the website, I was happy to have a platform to educate and 'wake up' people to the misinformation and weird policies that had been happening to us by the corona idiocy.

At that moment I could never have imagined that, partly because of this, I could come into conflict with the police and the judiciary in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

I had already informed you that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) did not want to comply with my report against the sentinel doctor van Rijn from Alpen aan den Rijn, who completely wrongly qualified my father as a corona dead.

Message from the Public Prosecution Service

Now there are a few fractions left of our former legal system. Groups on which our regime has not yet issued countermeasures.

Well, they don't have to either, because a judge who makes a ruling that is not acceptable to the administration immediately gets a note 'function elsewhere' stuck on his file.

Anyway, there is such a thing as an 'Article 12 procedure'. And I started it. I cannot allow and allow this terrible 'in good faith' acting horror doctor who classified my father in 4 minutes as a corona patient and covid dead, to get away with this with impunity. Prosecution is now legally enforced by me and I also have a complaint pending with the medical disciplinary committee. Here you can read the contents of the letter that I forwarded to the Court of Appeal in The Hague:

Court of Appeal in The Hague art. 12 (1)


In the meantime, the Public Prosecution Service has informed me that van rijn has filed a complaint against me for threat of death. To this end, I will file a charge against him for making false declarations. Fortunately, a false declaration is no small offense in the Netherlands. That is a serious matter.

Next issue:

Last Thursday I was writing an article for CommonSenseTV when the doorbell rang. To my surprise, the police knocked on my door to question me about my work for and my ties to CSTV. In my article:

Be quick because stock is limited!

I briefly mentioned it.

In the audio newspaper number 39, Niels and Danny also paid attention to it (from minute 27.48).

The Audiokrant # 39

But since the visiting officer did not answer the how and why question about the reason for the visit, I asked the police for further information.


My message:
police visit

To the Commissioner of the Noorderkempen Police

On May 27 at about 13.00 pm I was visited by the district inspector Bart xxxxx, who came to question me about my work for and my ties to CommonSenseTV, an independent news and opinion website.

First of all, I would like to make it known and establish that Mr Bart xxxxx had a very polite and friendly attitude during his arrival and visit and that this is by no means a complaint against him.

However, after a few days of thinking about the reason for the visit and the surprise I was left with afterwards, I still have a few questions for the De Noorderkempen commissioner's office.

Bart told me that someone had been at the police station to file a report (?) against me for writing articles and columns for the news website CommonSenseTV. My very first question is who made that declaration/notification?
I already have a serious suspicion about this, but would like to get official confirmation of that.

xxxxxx… ..xxxxxx

Secondly, I would like to know the reason for the visit and questioning by Mr xxxxxx. When asked, Mr xxxxx told me that he was only acting on behalf of his superior and that he was not aware of the reason for the interrogation.
The fact that I write articles and columns for CommonSenseTV can hardly be the reason for 'honoring' me with a visit at home and coming to question me. Firstly, it is my private business that I write my articles and columns and secondly, I am not committing any offense. Not because of the fact that I write and certainly not because of the content of my articles. The fact that I sometimes criticize governments and their measures does not alter this. I would like you to confirm or deny that this was the reason for the police visit/interrogation.

If it is the case that the visit of Mr. xxxxx was prompted by the fact that you are investigating someone who has made a threat to Mark van Ranst, then I have little understanding for the visit itself, but then I can somewhat understand and interpret. You may be looking for all possible avenues that could be related to this case. It seems very far fetched to me, but good. Bart xxxxx could not give me an answer to this question. That is why I am also asking this question in this writing. Was that the reason for the police visit/interrogation?

If there are other grounds or reasons that count here, I would also like to hear from you.

I would like to state once again and emphatically that this message is in no way an indictment against Mr Bart xxxxx. He approached and treated me very correctly and politely.


(for privacy reasons some parts of my letter to the police have been removed in my message on cstv)




What happens to me now with the police and the judiciary, I'm not afraid of it, but fun is different. I prefer to spend my time analyzing data and finding facts and writing my articles about it.

I am very happy and grateful for all the support I get from the colleagues and visitors of CommonSenseTV.




Today, June 2, an agent of the Noorderkempen police station called me to respond to my letter of May 27 to the police station.

She told me that (unfortunately) she was not allowed to tell me who it was who made a report/report against me for suspicious activities on CommonSenseTV. Such reports are anonymous.

They learned that from the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands and Belgium. Anonymous snitch works much better.

But this officer, with whom I had a friendly conversation, let me know that the police visit in itself was not so much motivated by writing my articles, but more by how some people might react to this. This refers to an alleged soldier who has expressed an alleged threat to a veterinary surgeon virolig (no typing error) in Belgium. It seems impossible to me that, if this story is true, he could have drawn any inspiration from my articles.

I also told her that it is not my responsibility what other people do after reading my articles. In addition, the vast majority of CommonSenseTV readers are sensible and intelligent people looking for genuine information that governments and mainstream media will withhold from them.

Although she didn't want to immediately confirm this, she did hint that she agreed with it.

There is still hope.

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