Angry citizen to Chuck Schumer: "You are nothing more than a coward!"

You are a racist socialist. You are nothing more than a coward!

There is great anger among the citizens of the United States.

Democrat Chuck Schumer wanted to talk to people about how to impeach President Donald Trump. These disgusting people will not stop and they will pay the bill. The arrogance of this kind people dripping off.

So much injustice, so much hypocrisy and so much falsehood cannot be resisted. It's to pull your hair out of your head. And that is how tens of millions of Americans feel and perhaps billions of people worldwide.

Unbelief, powerlessness and anger is what reigns.

Stolen elections, mass censorship and a week before the inauguration, they still want to impeach President Donald Trump.

And all media go along with it. Also the Dutch. It is a shame. The media is our worst enemy. We can't make it different. They have shown their true face.

As Donald Trump said before: "This is the largest ongoing witch hunt in political history." 

It is difficult to understand exactly what the woman is saying but the message is very clear. People are sick of this kind of politician. This is far from over. Joe Biden may take a seat in the White House, but 80 million citizens who stand for freedom and who are wide awake cannot be put aside. The group will only grow because of this crazy behavior of the Democrats. #WeThePeople


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