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Ann Widdecombe: European Union must learn lessons!

Ann Widdecombe (76) spoke at the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week.

She exchanged the Conservative Party for the Brexit Party in 2019:

“The European Union started with six countries. The vision of this alliance was the noble idea to promote Peace, through a trade treaty between sovereign countries. ”

“If that would have remained the vision and still be the vision of the EU, I think the UK would not have wanted Brexit. But in the EU, cooperation has degenerated into dominance. Sovereignty turned into a super state. And that is why Great Britain is leaving the European Union! ” 

76-year-old Widdecombe was not finished yet ...

“And once Britain turns out to be a fantastic success and a formidable competitor to the EU, other countries will soon follow. And that's why I want to warn you about the future of the EU, and not that of Europe, because those are two different things ”

Ann continued: “EU, have you learned your lesson? Otherwise you will soon cease to exist. Because nobody wants you anymore !! ”


Beautiful speech Ann Widdecombe - Snowflakes, totalitars and censorship:

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