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Announcement: 'I am a doctor and I have doubts'

Undoubtedly, many doctors and other medical personnel and experts will have doubts about how to act in this surreal covid crisis.

It can be difficult to come out because of social or political pressure. Perhaps they do not want to lose colleagues. Maybe there are also doctors who know that something is going on cannot pass the bracket?

We think that many doctors are currently in a dilemma of conscience. Maybe this call from Doctors Covid Collective Foundation that we offer a solution in our mailbox?

Dear colleagues and friends of the Doctors Collective,

We are happy to send you this announcement in the meantime.

Elections are getting closer. The Netherlands is still in the grip of the corona measures and has to deal with the consequences every day. In December, the cabinet rejected the request to pass on a risk-based policy.
To date, the medical associations have not responded to our letters to meet with them to discuss a broader medical perspective on corona policy.

We are still in a conflict between our doctor's oath and our concern.

We have concerns about how we are doing well for our patients. Concerns about the price society pays.

Since the measures are justified in the name of public health, it is the medical professionals who bear joint responsibility. We feel an increasingly urgent need to reach and engage with our colleagues.

That is why we are launching a message on social media this week.
This message, packaged in a film, aims to get as many medical specialists as possible to join our collective. We can only exert influence through mass.

We really need your help with this.

On Tuesday morning 2 March we will launch the video at 10:00 am: 'I am a doctor and I have doubts'

Help us by:

- Post the video on your social media on Tuesday morning, March 2 (as close to 10:00 AM as is possible for you). This is the link:

-Use the following as accompanying text:

More than 1000 medical specialists are already committed to a better approach to this crisis. An approach that protects health and limits damage.
I support the Doctors Collective and believe in an approach that is based on 'medical common sense' instead of modeled suspicions.

Do you also want to contribute? Support us at
From fear back to trust!

Not only does it help us enormously if you share this yourself. The social media algorithms are designed in such a way that interaction contributes to dissemination. So respond en masse to each other's post with the text:

'I support the Doctors Collective, because a good approach starts with healthy doubts.'

Of course you are also free to post a different reaction.

But respond! Let's flood the great Internet with mutual interaction and support.

With your help, we can sort a range of over on Tuesday 500.000 people.

That is a huge first step that marks the kick-off to quickly grow the medical base of the Doctors Collective!

Finally, an announcement of a Q&A in Clubhouse this Saturday evening, March 6. A panel of the Artsen Collectief is available from 20.30 pm to answer all your questions. The room is called Q&A Artsen Collectief and will be visible from Saturday. Everyone and all questions are very welcome.

Thank you for your support!
The board of the Doctors Collective


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