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ANNOUNCEMENT: New series 'Building'. First up: WAPPIEZ

Wappiez 'the 12 in 1 social media revolution'

Wappiez 12 in 1 social media revolution

The votes are numbered and our fate is sealed. The Netherlands will become a Build Back Better country and not just a little bit. With D66'er Sigrid Kaag as a WEF member who has now become the second largest party and VVD'er Mark Rutte with the largest party, who even received the Global Citizen Award from the WEF in 2019, the Netherlands may well be at the forefront of the class. of the globalists. 

Time to start building!

If politics doesn't offer a solution, should we stay on our ass? Or let us be constantly beaten up by the police in the hope that politicians will finally listen? No matter how loudly we shout at them, there will never be enough Dutch people to listen to us to make a political difference and even if we did, the globalists will have an answer. But what can we do then? We can start building!

There are currently several companies and initiatives springing up like mushrooms to protect and prepare us for the parallel society that is soon to come. With the series 'Building' we will write weekly about interesting initiatives that can make our world a little better and we will start immediately with the one that looks the most promising to us, namely the 12 (!) In 1 social media platform. wappiez.

Wappiez Social

Wappiez is a concept, an idea

How we would love to use it to see if it actually delivers what it promises. Because Wappiez promises a lot, a lot. So much so that it makes your mouth open. They offer a social media option, but also a dating option, a video part and 9 other parts. Isn't creating as many as 12 parts a bit much?

We asked the creator of Wappiez, René Mirck. “If we had the same number of users as Facebook and YouTube, it would have been impossible to divide our focus over so many different areas. But because our wappies target group is only in the Netherlands and therefore not as large as that of Big Tech, that offers room to quickly expand to ultimately 12 parts. ”

When can we play with it?

Wappiez, as it says on the website, aims to put the first 4 parts live in the third quarter of 2021. Before they can do this, they need an amount of at least 100.000 euros with which they can make the first 4 parts, namely Wappiez Social, Wappiez Dating, Wappiez Topics and Wappiez Video, as shown on the right.

They are currently running a Crowdfunding campaign through the GoFundMe site where anyone who would like to see this platform come to life can donate.

Wappiez Videos

We support the Wappiez concept, do you?

Do you also want a Dutch place where channels such as A War Already Lost, Blue Tiger Studio and BLCKBX do not have to worry about their videos being censored? We know better than anyone what it is like to see your own YouTube channel with 30.000 followers disappear overnight. 

For that reason and for the inspiration to others, we will in the coming weeks in the new series 'Bouwen' go deeper into the various possibilities that a platform like Wappiez cannot offer us all. If we do not want to keep running behind the facts in the coming years, then it is time for us to take initiatives and build companies that make our lives a little better. Therefore take a look at the website of wappiez and support initiatives that you think will make your life better.

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