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Another attack in Germany

An Arabic text calling man in Germany steals a truck and drives into stationary cars at traffic lights.

This happened in Limburg an der Lahn in Germany. The man pulls the driver out of his truck. Then drive straight into stationary cars and shouted the word “Allah” and other Arabic texts several times. Result: 16 injured including 1 seriously injured. NOS:  It is unclear whether the driver did it on purpose or by accident. He himself was injured and was arrested.

No, he did it by accident ...

The German police: "" Nobody needs trolls or wild speculation, "the regional police wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, this has long been a daily fare in Germany. The mainstream media hardly reports any more. In the meantime, Angela Merkel keeps the borders wide open and continues to take refugees in large numbers.

Germany is plagued almost daily by attacks, attacks and stabbing by people with a non-Western background. A quarter of Germany now has a non-Western background. Unfortunately, that is clearly evident in all the crime figures.

A few days ago a 23-year-old man almost walked into a synagogue with a 20-centimeter-long knife. The man was of course released the same day.

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