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Another big fire by asylum seekers at a Greek reception camp

Another big fire has been set on a Greek island by asylum seekers at their reception camp.


Just as with the arson a few days ago on the Greek island of Lesbos, the criminal asylum seekers would have deliberately wanted to burn down their own relief camp.


For several years now, the Greek islands have been overcrowded with prisoners from Africa and the Middle East, because they have to wait for the outcome of their asylum procedure there.

Last week, the infamous Moria camp on Lesvos was set on fire by the economic refugees THEMSELF with a view to a trip to amusement park Europe.

The opportunistic asylum seekers also refused to go into quarantine just before the fire after the so-called coronavirus had supposedly broken out.

On the island of Samos they are now following that example.

On Tuesday, a few people in the camp tested positive for Covid-19 and it was therefore decided to quarantine part of the camp. This caused dissatisfaction among migrants, who became angry, just like on Lesvos.

A few hours later, a large forest near the relief camp was also set on fire. The fire raged intense.

There are now thirteen asylum seekers arrested for the arson attacks.


For the fire in Moria 6 asylum seekers have been put in prison for the time being.

12.000 migrants became homeless and are now allowed to live in Europe. On your cost.


Sexual abuse of animals by migrants in Europe

Moria arsonists are welcome in Germany

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