Another doctor ringing the bell, “Labs mess with corona test! This is just criminal! ”

Florida doctor Dareld R. Morris tells in a viral video on Facebook how politics affected the medical world during the corona pandemic.

“They've exposed more than 40 labs here in Florida alone that mess with corona tests. They claim that 100 percent of people test positive, which is statistically impossible. "

Laboratories that have been investigated appear to test positive for corona in only 10 percent of cases, according to Dr. Morris. He emphasized that there are clear political motives.

According to him, the figures about the number of available beds have also been tampered with. This also happened in the Netherlands, IC chief Gommers hinted.

Morris also referred to the Washington DC press conference of doctors at the frontline of the corona outbreak who reported that they had successfully treated corona patients with an inexpensive drug that has been on the market for decades.

The images were taken from the Internet, the doctors' website was removed, and some of them have since lost their jobs.

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This is simply CRIMINAL !!




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