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Anti-democracy as a global political pandemic

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While a never-isolated virus has caused a new-style pandemic worldwide, it is rumored that a small isolated elite has spread a highly contagious political pandemic under the devalued moniker of democracy across many countries.

A global political pandemic

While a never-isolated virus has caused a new-style pandemic worldwide, it is rumored that a small isolated elite has spread a highly contagious political pandemic under the devalued moniker of democracy across many countries.

And that's serious. We have never lived in a democracy from a keeper. It is, claim countless blinkered parrots. We do enjoy various free democratic privileges, including freedom of association, of expression, of demonstration, of self-determination. How sad are the people who still believe this too!

Because of course the last list should have been put in the past tense. After all, in addition to a series of undemocratic political institutions (constitution, head of state, senate, provincial government, municipal councils, government, provincial executive, B&W and even the House of Representatives), little of the four freedoms mentioned above remains. The emergency law introduced repeatedly restricts the freedoms once acquired. A dictatorial emergency law has been created undemocratically to bolster the power of the party leaders overrun by super-egos, power-hungry, narcissists and psychopaths.

The current caretaker government Rutte III has no legitimacy whatsoever since its fall, but is more powerful than any team of ministers ever before. It seems impossible to be sent home twice, but passing all kinds of laws under the watchful blind eye of at least 76, hand and foot shackled servile MPs, thanks to a strangling faction discipline, is commonplace. And that's all possible because we don't have a constitutional court, but we still have art. 120 that prohibits judges (to the extent that they are independent, objective and just) from checking passed laws against the constitution, which was never endorsed by the people.

Some people resent the naming of politicians (including government officials and a lot of advisers and lobbyists) as super-egos, power-hungry, narcissists and psychopaths. But why save these types of people and pretend to be involved, conscientious and empathetic? If they do not continuously represent the interests of the people, or parts of the population, what qualifications do they deserve?

Why do we tolerate these types in crucial positions? Party political appointments where no citizen has ever been asked for anything. And don't come up with the bull-shit argument that we can choose the TK members once every 4 years. Anyone who still believes that must be re-educated, as far as brainwashed people still want to change their mind. The professional idiots who have surfaced within their party are ministerial at any given ministry. Bingo! How senile do you have to be to classify this as democracy in the interest of the people?

Well, we tolerate this because we have been indoctrinated through forced fables that we live in a democracy. And we are kept satisfied with a system that suggests democracy, but is nowhere near it. And worst of all, there was never an alternative. Malicious persons are thus legitimately given a not inconsiderable platform. A stage that invites corruption, lust for power and psychopathic action.

Psychopaths, narcissists and even sickly egoists can of course be helped, even more or less curable, but then they have to want it themselves. The majority do not like this at all, because they feel comfortable within this wrong system. If the conclusion must then be drawn that people cannot be changed within a faulty system, the democratic arrows must be aimed at that faulty system. A system that offers space to unfeeling strebers. Then there must be a different political polity. And such an alternative polity there is: AS, suitable for all countries that cheat with the concept of democracy.

Within this AS system there is no room for career politicians, not for professional minuts in policy areas. Not really for party political appointments at all. Representatives of the people really represent within AS, without twisting and surrendering voter promises. Professional ministers are then in charge of the content of the top officials and organize mini-referenda on a daily basis.

As a result, lobbyists will no longer have a foothold and investigative journalists will finally be given a very important task. The 1st Democratic People's Movement ( is the first and as yet the only truly democratic party, which is sorely missed in The Hague (but also in all municipal councils!).

Now forming a cabinet with maybe 5 parties, all of which have to break voter promises in order to win some minority positions, is called democracy. In back rooms whispering who can sit down on what conditions. PVV and FvD are excluded anyway, the SP excludes the VVD and thus itself. D66 does not want to have 2 grub with the CU, VVD and CDA (PvdA and GL), while it is precisely those two who continue to embrace each other without wanting a marriage. Should the SGP prove to be necessary for an undemocratic majority, it is possible just hypothetically??? full Sunday rest are required and introduced.

If AS catches on here and is subsequently applied in other countries, the grip of the world elite will be loosened and the political pandemic could be ended. Then stage plays like now conducted by Mariëtte Hamer will never have to be staged again.

Rients Hofstra

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