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Anti-police commit police brutality

AntiFa (AFA) and its peers / allies are talking about police brutality.

Show that you know / can do better.

The Anarchists got that chance when they declared an Anarcho-Communist Zone in Seattle.

Soon things went wrong:

Within 36 hours, supplies for the food distribution of these unemployed heroes dried up, with AntiFa twitter accounts begging for vegan “food”, batteries, trash bins and walkie-talkies.

Within less than 48 hours, the heavily armed rapper Raz Simone and his gang proclaimed themselves “police”.
Bye bye Anarchist zone, welcome Warlordship led by 'Raz the First' ..

Shortly afterwards, the AntiFa police committed their first police brutality:
A black man was spraying paint on a graffiti covered building when he was confronted by "agent" Raz Simone. The sprayer refused to stop and was brutally wrestled to the ground.

The arrest was akin to what AntiFa and BLM call "police brutality."
After the incident, the paint sprayer claimed to have been "attacked".

"Agent" Raz later claimed that on twitter "They figured it out later" en "A good black conversation" had. Raz also claims that the father of the arrestee would like Raz to be his son's mentor.

However, witnesses to the incident tell a different story:

The eyewitnesses tell that Raz beat up the paint sprayer, breaking the arrestee's glasses and stealing his phone because the paint sprayer sprayed over other people's graffiti, to Raz's anger.
It is not the first time that Raz has attacked people during his "police work".

All this is stimulated by policy and the media. You see it! How else could dumb minorities like this kind of people give the whole of the Netherlands the impression that this is the world in which we (should) live? The silent majority must show itself.

The incident between Raz and the paint sprayer

Renaissance Horizon - The Anti-Fascist Police

Raz Simone's Warlord

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