While the number of attacks on white farmers in South Africa is reaching new heights, hostility towards whites is also increasing here (in the West).

-Do you not see color? Racist!
-Do you see color? Racist!
-You select people for their skills or character? Racist!
-You object to me calling you racist? White fragility!

And that is only the beginning of a long-standing “anti-racist” trend that is being fed by Marxist Academics / Activists and the population.

Two years ago in Amsterdam, a start was made on “White privilege” training for White civil servants, but that was stopped under pressure from public opinion.

Unfortunately, their colleagues on the other side of the Ocean have to believe it:
White officials in Seattle must undergo training that teaches them to distance themselves from objectivity, scientific thinking and the sense of physical security. All to “deconstruct” their own whiteness (read: demonizing and self-punishment)

All this is inspired by the book “White fragility” by the Jewish Robin Diangelo, a Semite who pretends to be white in order to beat whites around the ears with “As a fellow White, I came to teach you a lesson about what's wrong with being White”.

Robin belongs to a group of extreme left-wing Jewish activists who varyly claim to be white, and when that doesn't work out "I am not White, but Jewish."
This phenomenon is called “Shape shifting” where someone who does not identify as white pretends to be white: A “Fellow-White” (Co-White) with the aim of creating a false sense of connection to lower the threshold of resistance to indoctrination .


American Renaissance - Murders of White farmers in South Africa

Ben Shapiro - The book "White Fragility" is one of the worst books ever

Tim Pool - Seattle conducts segregated training for White officials to learn to abhor objectivity and physical security

Charles Robertson - "Shape-shifting" and "Fellow Whites"

Attachment: "Robin Diangelo (Is her face melting?)"


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