Antifa and Basque separatists violently disrupt VOX meeting

A VOX meeting in the Basque Country was violently disrupted and stopped by Antifa and Basque separatists and ETA sympathizers. The hatred in their eyes says it all ...



Many of us no longer have much confidence in politics. But these Spanish patriots of VOX radiate on all fronts a real desire to fight for democracy, freedom and sovereignty.

It is made VOX impossible on all sides. Also here in the Basque Country. A democratically elected party who will not have the opportunity to hold a meeting for Basques who are terrified of these separatists and support VOX.

They did not dare to come because of aggressive “demonstrators” who held back the people by force.

Demonstrators… It is ETA's sympathizers mixed with Antifa scum who attend every separatist demonstration. Also in Catalonia. Just to riot and vandalism.
Those are the heroes for the media and the coalition. The most terrible images are ignored to death. All shame is long gone.

A politician from VOX, Rocio de Meer) was thrown a stone against her head and was slightly injured just above her eye on her eyebrows.

A few days later, Pablo Echenique claimed that she was showing off and that it was only KETCHUP she would have smeared herself.

This is how far one goes without shame.


Fortunately, at least on social media and the growth of this type of parties, people are piercing right through it and people are starting to see the game played here by the media and politicians. Resistance is also growing against the corona measures.

These images and all the absurdities surrounding it symbolize what is going on in the world at the moment. It is a battle between good and evil. Then we are not so much talking about the political party VOX, but the supporters of this kind of parties who only want one thing. Freedom, democracy and sovereignty.

An aspiration that one should have. A noble endeavor. Something that not everyone has to agree with. But there is really nothing extreme about these people. The followers of VOX almost always behave properly and they are people from all walks of life.

But the boomerang effect works. VOX enters the Basque Country coalition. They managed to get a seat and that is unique.

The party, like other nationalist, populist and patriotic parties in Europe, continues to grow and grow.


The coalition party, the extreme left-wing Podemos (really the extreme left by sowing hate and calling for violence, day in day out) has public agenda 2030 in its party program.

Pablo “the ponytail” Iglesias from Podemos


VOX has brought Pedro Sánchez to court for, among other things, crimes against humanity during the Corona crisis. VOX's second man, Javier Ortega Smith is a very renowned lawyer who has already swept several people off the political playing field, along with fellow lawyers.

Javier Ortega Smith. The second man of VOX and top lawyer


It will take a while before such a case occurs. But there is a lot of confidence in the Spanish judges.

See this article with a flaming Santiago Abascal embarrassing Pedro Sánchez by confronting him with his private get-together with George Soros and the announcement that VOX is taking these people to court.

VOX takes Pedro Sánchez and his coalition to court. Now Rutte still!

See here the outrage of the Spaniards against the mainstream media and the disgusting reactions afterwards from the media itself.


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