Antifa freaks surround old woman with walker

The Canadian antifa terrorists, consisting of freaks, fatties and fuglies, wanted to prevent her and her husband from crossing the road near Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario where a crowd of Antifa protesters held a rally against a politician.

It was a fierce demonstration with many ups and downs and arrests.

The group surrounded the elderly people.

The elderly couple tried to stay calm and wanted to calm the protesters from Antifa. This to no avail. Antifa fools screamed in their faces: "NAZI SCUM, NAZI SCUM !!" OFF OUR STREETS !!

Loosely translated: DIRTY NAZIS, DIRTY NAZI !! GET OUT!!

It is not clear how the skirmish started or how it ended.

This grouping is so abject that it is now thought that it is paid actors who receive their salary from Soros and Justin Trudeau.

Here the cowardly images:

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