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Antifa sows destruction on the streets of London after Conservatives win

After the double-digit victory of the conservatives, Antifa took to the streets in London to plunder and fight.

Videos immediately appear in the social media.

Demonstrate against a clearly democratically chosen sound. And that with violence.

It resembles everything they say they are against. Namely Nazism and fascism.

We hope that the new conservative government will tackle this group hard immediately. These organized criminals sow death and destruction because of a different opinion than their bizarre ideas. Dangerous to life and state

Antifa - Nazis and fascists in a different suit












Images from London just now:


Images of the street terror of Antifa, the Anti Fascists via social media:

Here is a selection of the many articles and images from Antifa.
Antifa is going crazy on an 80+ female with a walker

Two people of Antifa, innocent women beat up in her own house because the squatters are disturbed in their daily lives by municipal plans.
Antifa mistreat woman

Antifa demonstration. 19 police officers injured.

They are globally connected and behave the same everywhere. Hostile, aggressive and sadistic. They are incredibly well organized.
ANTIFA in MINNESOTA uncensored.

The NOS has never broadcast anything about Antifa as far as we can remember.

Even worse ... in some media it is even approved!

A report about Antifa and The Proud Boys.

This is not the extreme left. The first 10 minutes are about the press in America. Then about our own Netherlands. Amazing images. But also worrying.

But what a resounding victory yesterday by the Conservatives!

An absolute majority. A historic achievement and it shows that the English are finally waking up. It is not ideal with Boris Johnson and whether or not they get real hard Brexit is questionable. It doesn't look like it but we're going to see it. For now, the signal is very important for the rest of Europe.

Yesterday, in an article, we briefly explained how the common sense parties grow up in Europe

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